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Honray 01-20-2021 04:40 PM

Porsche 992 JB4 installation tips?
Has anyone installed the JB4 into the 992? I have a convertible and while the TMAP sensor is easy enough to get to, the MAP sensor on the intake manifold is buried deep into the engine bay. I have rather slender hands but there is no way I can get my hand in deep enough to access the MAP sensor let alone wiggle it out with the plastic locking mechanism. I cannot even touch this thing. Any ideas out there?


Honray 01-20-2021 04:42 PM


dragy 01-22-2021 08:31 PM

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I was able to installed the map sensor after removing the rear bumper and ECU.

Payam @ BMS 01-25-2021 01:11 PM

If you unhook the ECU harness, that will leave you space to reach and undo the manifold sensor.

Honray 07-14-2021 09:59 AM

Gigantic struggle... and months later. The JB4 is in. It's worth it. Performance I can feel.

Honray 10-29-2021 07:17 AM

JB4 not working Map 3 Map 4
JB4 on 992 not working for Map 3 Map 4 properly. Car seems to be shifting abruptly and too often with the PDK. JB4 cannot record logs. The phone app crashes on "Start Logging".

Map1/2 works just fine. OBD is plugged in and I can see AFR/RPM etc. data.

Any ideas here BMS team?

Payam @ BMS 10-29-2021 08:37 PM

Can you try to get us a log and post it up on map 3?

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