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Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It! 10-14-2019 12:01 AM

No Fly Zone 10/13/2019 Results and Videos
As is typical for the Arizona October event it was WARM! About 90 degrees with a DA of about 3700 but otherwise a really nice day. The format is now a standing 1/2 mile...no more cheating. ;)

It was nice to see so many BMW's out there as well as a lot of Audi's, Porsche's, quite a few domestics, and some exotics. For this round we brought out the new 2020 X4M competition and the 2020 M2 competition.

The X4M is running the JB4 and running E50 fuel. No other mods other than our flex fuel kit we're testing.

The M2C is a manual and has the JB4 installed with BMS Elite charge *****, intakes, oil catch can, flex fuel kit, and top mount intercooler. It was also running E50 with no flash. Best run for it was 148.22 and the X4M made quick work of that due to the spinning through 1st and 2nd gear. Other wise it seemed to draw hellcats (there were quite a few) when it lined up. Of which it won all those races as we'd both spin in to 3rd gear. :burnrubber: Not the best for racing from a dig but still fun.

Most of our attention was on the X4M that Angela was driving which proved to be pretty impressive. The AWD launch and best trap of 150.2mph proved lethal for it's competitors. Really looking forward to seeing how this thing does with additional upgrades. Maybe a 9 second SUV with hybrid turbos and FBO? :burnrubber: Should be pretty easy for the new M3/M4 if it's AWD.


X4M videos

1st car was a black Charger Hellcat believed to be stock at 707hp

2nd car was a claimed 700hp CTSV with unknown mods.

3rd car was a Challenger Hellcat with 707hp (stock)

4th car was BMW F80 M3 with Pure Stage 2 turbos on 91 fuel.




Parts Score's awesome looking M4.


Jeff @ BMS 10-19-2019 03:41 PM

That's Awesome Steve! Look forward to seeing you two at shift sector next week!

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