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LeeOrl 10-16-2020 07:07 PM

335i N55 What HPFP upgrade should I go with?
So I am looking to upgrade my HPFP. I know there is a few options on the market I am looking for help deciding on what pump to go with.
XDI, Dorch, or Spool?

I am leaning towards XDI or Dorch due to the fact that MHD has options for those pumps already included. If I went with spool would I need to have my
tune file changed?

I plan to do the installation myself self so I am looking for the most plug and play possible. any help would be greatly appreciated.

blackhat75 10-23-2020 11:53 AM

With out knowing your mods, your build, driving style, end goals, fuel type, etc. ...go for the Spool. Seems legit.

Obadillo36 11-01-2020 07:12 AM

I have a Dorch engineering pump and couldn’t be happier

ferocity02 11-03-2020 10:07 PM

According to Spool, the Dorch option in MHD will work with their pump. I have the Spool pump but wished I waited for Dorch, it seems like a much better desiged kit with an actual high pressure hard line. The Spool pump also makes a good awful hammering sound through the LP system back into the tank since they remove the damper inside the HPFP. Adding the FuelIt stage 2 LPFP helped a lot with the sound though.

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