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mikegold 03-22-2021 03:32 AM

Flash Problem
Greetings Everyone,

I was in the process of flashing my 2008 n54 135i with the BMS bef via the BB flasher. I made sure to change to map 0 and used my old BT cable. The dme connected and a voltage was shown (off the top of my head i do not remember what it was but it was not 0).

I started the read and the time continued to increase. With only the ignition on, I connected a battery charger after a few mins (making sure not to open any doors or disturb the dme). After 2 hours the time showed around 240 mins remaining GTA 5 Android APK. After 6 hours the dme showed 269 mins and the green progress bar was at about 50%. The battery voltage held at 11.716v throughout. My wipers were on and had been for over an hour, and my interior airbag light near the sunroof controller was flickering. My charger showed it was not charging but still worked when charging another battery. It would not even hold the 135i's battery on a float charge.


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