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al305sr 10-01-2020 09:15 AM

2016 M235i Log Reviews - Jerking during accel.
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Hello guys. First time poster here hoping to see if you guys can help me determine what is wrong with my car.

Car: 2016, BMW M235i (F22 - N55), Automatic


Burger Tuning Intake

Car was running fine until one day entered limp mode. Took to dealer and informed me charge pipe had broken. Replaced charge pipe at dealer (I know I should have installed a better charge pipe now but at the time just needed my car, hindsight is 2020).

After the charge pipe replacement the car has had the following symptoms:

A sudden jerking of the car. Can be easily replicated on 8th gear traveling at highway speed and then very slowly accelerating.
Car stalled once during engine start.
Throws different combinations of the following codes when driving:

1. 102001, Air Mass, plausibility ó Tuner Code, ignore
2. 180001
3. 101F02, Throttle angle - intake manifold pressure, correlation limit exceeded

NOTE: Car did not throw any codes prior to charge pipe replacement even though all modification were installed.

Iíve removed and reinstalled both ends of the charge pipe to verify they had been correctly installed in order to try and rule out a possible leak. JB4 has been updated to the latest firmware.

Iíve attached a number of logs to assist in troubleshooting.

Log 1 - Map 0
Log 2 - Map 1
Log 3 - Map 5
Log 4 - Shows what happens when the car jerks at highway speeds. I logged many of these but they all had common attributes. Particularly a spike in Trims and Throttle at the time the car jerked forward with no change in pedal input. Time Stamp 50.75 is when the car jerked.

Spoke to some folks at a BMW tuner shop and they mentioned it could be a bad MAP sensor or Throttle Position Sensor. However, they have not diagnosed the car properly yet.

Any help in resolving this issue is greatly appreciated. If I am missing anything or if you need additional info please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

Dave @ BMS/Fuel-It! 10-03-2020 06:24 AM

Have you tried physically cleaning off the sensors?

Those can get really dirty over time.

I don't see a bef listed, i am assuming just JB4?

al305sr 10-16-2020 03:35 PM

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Removed the MAP sensor. Didn't look too bad (see attached pic). Cleaned it with some CRC electric parts cleaner.

Looked into the throttle body and she looked fairly clean as well.

Put everything back together and went out for a test drive. Problem persists.

To my knowledge, the car does not hav a BEF. However, I did buy it used and cannot be 100% certain. When I had the charge pipe replaced at the dealer the service rep informed me that the ECU was reflashed. When I looked at my invoice I did not see it listed as a task that had been accomplished however I am not 100% sure if they list it out as a separate item or its part of the removal and replacement of the charge pipe.

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