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Terry @ BMS 06-29-2018 08:50 PM

JB4 for Maserati Ghibli
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Use subject to terms and conditions posted at http://www.burgertuning.com/terms.html

THIS PART IS LEGAL FOR USE ONLY IN COMPETITION RACING VEHICLES AS DEFINED UNDER CALIFORNIA LAW, AND IS NOT LEGAL FOR USE IN ANY OTHER MOTOR VEHICLE. California law defines a "racing vehicle" as "a competition vehicle not used on public highways." (Calif. Health & Safety Code 39048) This part may only be used on competition racing vehicles operated exclusively on a closed course in conjunction with a sanctioned racing event. Competition-only motor vehicles may not be driven to a racing event on a public highway and must be transported on a trailer or other carrier. USE OF THIS PART IN ANY OTHER VEHICLE MAY SUBJECT YOU TO FINES AND PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION OF FEDERAL AND/OR STATE LAW, WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY FROM BURGER MOTORSPORTS, INC, AND CAN VOID YOUR VEHICLE'S WARRANTY. It is your responsibility to comply with all applicable federal and state laws relating to use of this part, and Burger Motorsports, Inc hereby disclaims any liability resulting from the failure to use this part in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws.

Order Here: http://www.burgertuning.com/MASERATI_JB4.html

Hey guys,

Been poking around with this 2014-2018 Maserati Ghibli project for awhile and finally was able to get it wrapped up and over to the dyno for testing. For those not in the loop it's a V6 3L twin turbo platform that retails in the 70k range. This specific car is a base model, and they also offer it in an S model that runs a little more boost from the factory. It's marketed to be an M3 competitor but realistically probably more like an Audi S4 or BMW 340i competitor at least on the performance end of the spectrum. :)

Our test car is a 2017 all stock base with around 13k miles on it. Also equipped with some huge power sapping 21" rims. Fuel was ~93 octane.

The JB4 is working great and we've already got CANbus up and running for advanced mapping, logging, and safety features. After a couple hours on the dyno we settled on a solid 50whp/50wtq mapping for the initial release. Probably another 15-20whp in it with more aggressive JB4 mapping as we get more familiar with the platform. :burnrubber:

Intro pricing on the JB4 is $529. In stock and ready to ship!

JB4 Mobile Smart Phone wireless connection directions Click here
BMS data cable hard wired directions and software Click here

JB4 Map Guide:

Map0: Fully disable JB4
Map1: 4psi peak over stock
Map2: 5psi peak over stock
Map4: Low boost VALET map
Map5: 6psi peak over stock
Map6: User adjustable by RPM map on user adjustment page, values are peak boost over stock by RPM under heavy throttle.

Attachment 76523

Stock log:
Attachment 76522

JB4 Tuned log:
Attachment 76521

Attachment 76519

Attachment 76520

Attachment 76518

JBoe 06-29-2018 09:26 PM

Very nice... I've been considering an S for my next purchase. They sound great stock, but amazing with an exhaust. Plus I prefer 4 doors generally.

Payam @ BMS 06-29-2018 10:38 PM

The tune is night and day difference even on just map 1. It was such a boring car compared to now. I'll try some mild e30 blend tonight and post some logs tomorrow on map 7. This tune is awesome!

535_BiTurbo 07-16-2018 09:20 PM

I wonder what the '17+ Ghibli Grandsport S would put down?

Terry @ BMS 07-17-2018 09:00 AM

I'd love to get one on a dyno and find out! :)

I joined the Ghibli Facebook group and a lot of people love the cars... But a lot of complaints too. I guess they are less reliable than our beloved BMWs lol.

535_BiTurbo 07-17-2018 01:53 PM

The one you dyno'd is 404hp right?
I know the new ones they bumped the power to 420hp

wilcoxclay 07-24-2018 08:10 AM

I installed one in my 2014 Ghibli last night and so far so good

Payam @ BMS 07-24-2018 08:20 AM


Originally Posted by wilcoxclay (Post )
I installed one in my 2014 Ghibli last night and so far so good

Even on map 1 it's a huge difference, no? I remember the first pull I did on the freeway after installing the tune, wow what a difference in torque and power.

wilcoxclay 07-24-2018 08:37 AM

I only have it on map 1 right now, and it was quite a difference. I will try and get some logs on the way home tonight.

Will this be the thread for firmware updates for the Ghibli JB4 version?

Terry @ BMS 07-24-2018 08:49 AM

Yes we'll post updates here as we make them! For now we need to get more of these systems out in the wild. Spread the word on the Ghibli forums and groups. :)

icecoldak 07-24-2018 09:35 AM

Nice results--How many car platforms are you going to expand too lol, pretty soon everyone can have a JB4 :)

Terry @ BMS 07-24-2018 09:50 AM

Any turbo car that looks fun we're interested in. Who thought we'd ever make a Kia JB4? But the new Stinger platform is awesome lol.

wilcoxclay 07-25-2018 02:21 PM

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Here are a couple logs in normal mode for the stock map 0 and map 1

I also included added some logs from this morning that have multiple pulls in them with both map 0 and 1, along with normal and sport modes but I didnt export it after it one were I could notate the mode it was in.

I will get more logs on the way home in a bit

Is there a way to have it datalog while driving all the time and not just on WOT?

Payam @ BMS 07-25-2018 04:10 PM

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Logs are looking really good, this is on 93 I presume? Turn it up to Map 2!

wilcoxclay 07-25-2018 07:48 PM

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Yes, on 93 pump

Here are several from today on map 1 and map 2, both sport seemed to hang in gear at redline twice and I ended up upshifting manually, but the other pulls did not behave that way and were good

wilcoxclay 07-26-2018 06:56 AM

9 Attachment(s)
This morning I tried to get as many as could on the way to work with different modes and maps to try and give you plenty of samples

Back in the day... early 2000s when I was in my twenties I was into racing with the 2nd Gen 4G63 AWD platform although I used an 1st Gen 6 bolt block and went through various stages before I ended up going through the Haltech e6k, and then onto the Motec M4 series. Unfortunately in the end the drivetrain just was not worth it and at that point we decided against turning the engine, powerglide, 9" rear and all that that would entail but I did get to work with Bob Norwood on the car for several years and it was fun but had its day.

Anyways I will be more than happy to assist however I can and provide whatever I can to help yall get this platform as much as possible

The last tuning I did was the Motec M4 so if you can give me an crash course in what options I have in regards to what signals you are able to send to the computer I will do some playing around in map 6, whatever options you can come up with for this thing I would love to customize it

I also have been in IT and development for about 20 years now so I am not sure what all of the firmware you release since mine came preloaded but if you can modify the display the other things like that with this JB4 then I would love to see what I could play with on a custom load

thanks again!

Payam @ BMS 07-27-2018 08:13 AM

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Not too bad! Yes we try to keep it conservative for now until we can get more data. This is helping a great deal. Map 2 looks really good. Give map 5 a try, timing and fuel trims looking great.

wilcoxclay 07-27-2018 08:28 AM

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Here are several from this morning, I will try map 5 later today

what are the different map descriptions for this model?

wilcoxclay 07-27-2018 10:01 AM

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Here is one with map 5 in both normal and sport modes

wilcoxclay 07-27-2018 11:19 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Couple more map 5 logs

wilcoxclay 07-27-2018 01:44 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Another map 5

Payam @ BMS 07-30-2018 07:53 AM

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Logs on map 5 look really good man! Is this all on 93 only? Must feel really good right?

Payam @ BMS 07-30-2018 07:53 AM

Map0: Fully disable JB4
Map1: 4psi peak over stock
Map2: 5psi peak over stock
Map4: Stock map with JB4 CANbus active for logging
Map5: 6psi peak over stock
Map6: User adjustable by RPM map on user adjustment page, values are peak boost over stock by RPM under heavy throttle.

wilcoxclay 07-30-2018 08:38 AM

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All these logs from down here in Dallas is on 93 pump, thats all I ever run in it

I got several runs today using the mobile app but the mph isnt correct compared to the desktop app so I am not sure why the difference if its all coming from the jb4, maybe its ghibli specific

Ok thanks for the map description info, I thought map 5 was an auto-tune one but I will just stay in map 5 all the time then.

In the next fw version can you have all sensors logging values as alot are zero with the ghibli and could you make the canbus logging an enable/disable for the global environment and not just stock map 4? Also cant wait for in dash options

Anyways here are several logs from this morning in different modes and maps

wilcoxclay 07-30-2018 08:39 AM

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The rest of this morning

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