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Tech513 11-08-2015 04:21 PM

Codes 2ABC and 3100 at start up, not consistant.
New to posting on this forum but have been having some trouble with getting codes 2ABC and 3100 at start up. Usually accompanied by what feels like a random miss while cruising about 70 to 80 mph. I have the g5 ISO updated. The car has 163000mi on it with the original turbos. I am not getting the 30ff fault, all vacuum lines are 3.5mm silicon lines. New epdws, replaced the boost pressure sensor, running er charge pipe with hKS bov. Has anyone ran across this issue before?

Terry @ BMS 11-09-2015 09:05 AM

2ABC is an electrical fault. Photo of JB4 board?

Tech513 11-09-2015 05:26 PM

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Here ya go.

Terry @ BMS 11-09-2015 05:44 PM

Doesn't display, must be too large.

Russjonesr 11-09-2015 05:46 PM

Since jb4 update 29x I get the odd same codes. Only ever on start up...What do you use to log? PC or android app? If its the android is it connected when you start the car?

Russjonesr 11-09-2015 06:05 PM

Just to clarify. I couldn't understand why I never got the code in the morning leaving for work at lunch time to the gym or on the way home! Only ever after restarting the car. Initially I presumed heat was having some effect, however I narrowed the issue down to the fact that the android was still hooked up! To and from work, I start the car link the android and hit connect...no problems
It only ever happened when I stopped to pick up my son, so the android was left connected to the jb4. I now always physically disconnect the android and haven't had the code since

Tech513 11-09-2015 06:14 PM

Samsung tab 2 I think. But I don't connect it until I have started the car. I'll try to get a better picture tomorrow when I pull it into the shop.

SoCalHarley 01-16-2016 07:57 AM

I just started havin the same problem. Only on start up. Did you ever resolve this.

Daily Three 01-21-2016 01:00 PM

fairly common issue i believe. i get it often if i have my tablet plugged in on startup.. happened more frequently when i updated to the new firmware, but i think that happens most times i update the firmware

DSCOFF 02-10-2016 06:40 PM

Just happened to me for the first time today. I'm on pc hooked up before starting as I was changing some Afr bias values.

sirfredi 02-11-2016 12:38 AM

I have the same faults.
we are a lot. terry should investigate the problem to give a solution as soon as possible 8)

SoCalHarley 02-12-2016 11:52 PM

Same issue here after upgrading to 31.8 firmware. I just updated to 32.1 so lets see what happens.

SoCalHarley 02-14-2016 08:39 AM


Originally Posted by SoCalHarley (Post )
Same issue here after upgrading to 31.8 firmware. I just updated to 32.1 so lets see what happens.

Same problem. All of this started when I updated from earlier version 27 firmware. Zero issues until the 31 firmware installed. My car is a pre 03/07 build. Any ideas?

Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It! 02-15-2016 01:56 PM

Verify all of your settings have been returned to the defaults. Then do a couple logs and post those.

steve.kodra 02-15-2016 02:48 PM

When I had the issue and resolved it by fine adjusting the speedo 12 settings.

Tech513 02-15-2016 05:43 PM

These codes set when the tablet or computer is connected at start up. Simcoe I have switched to connecting after start up I have not had any problems with my vehicle or software used.

Russjonesr 02-16-2016 04:56 AM

See point 6 above...and as per Terry on another thread discussing the same issue

"The P3 and the JB4 may fight for CANbus bandwidth causing odd problems like this"

Do not start the vehicle with the JB4 connected to a PC or Android.

Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It! 02-16-2016 08:22 AM

We start our cars all the time with PC's and JB4 mobile connected, never been an issue.

However, a P3 gauge, something in the OBDII port, or anything that interferes with the CAN is a big issue.

SoCalHarley 02-17-2016 01:22 PM


Originally Posted by steve.kodra (Post )
When I had the issue and resolved it by fine adjusting the speedo 12 settings.

What did you set speedo 12 to?

I have a jb4connect bluettooth Rev2 connected. Any know issues with this?

Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It! 02-17-2016 09:11 PM

We run Rev 2 on two of our cars...no issues.

DSCOFF 02-17-2016 10:57 PM

Since that day, this issue has to resurfaced for me..

DSCOFF 02-18-2016 05:03 AM

Actually just happened to me again before as I forgot to disconnect my Android jb4 device before starting engine

SoCalHarley 02-20-2016 08:42 AM

Had the car on map zero for two days and the codes came back. Would this indicate it is not the tune but an electrical connection?

SoCalHarley 02-20-2016 02:23 PM

Well I undid all of the JB4 connections to the ECU as well as the TMAP sensor and sprayed them with electronic contact cleaner and reinstalled. All back together and runs well. Let's see if this was the issue...

SoCalHarley 02-22-2016 07:34 PM

All good for 2 days then I left the Jb4 mobile app connected and shut the car off. When I went back out and started the car back up the codes and half engine popped up. This has to be related to a bug with the mobile app and failing to disconnect before shutting the car off. Can't be a coincidence...

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