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Rushan 07-11-2019 03:23 AM

Water pump opinion
2 days ago out of nowhere while on log idling in a lovely heated weather exceeding 100F I got the yellow temp sign with the expansion water tank cap release some water pressure, error is the usually know water pump error 2E82 electrical cooling pump switch off and 2E81 electrical cooling pump speed deviation.

Clearing the code and restart car went normal with temperature water ranging between 175-195 f, drive normally for 30 minutes with no errors.

When car cools down I had to add around 1 liter of water and thought to try to bleeding procedure,

Bleeding start with nice strong slow and water pump sound normal but continues and not like normal bleeding which water pump start to cycle on and off. The usual bleeding takes 12 min but this time it went 20 minutes continuous nonstop so I can to abort,

Driving it next day all good drive for 1 hour in heat with no issues,

3rd day driving the usual route, and queuing on off building entrance for 15 min temperature reading normal 175-195f , and out of nowhere water temp climp to 230 f in 5 seconds and the expansion water tank cap released water wothout limp or water temp warning so I parked directly in the 1st spot scanned same error above and cleared then let car off and went to my office, in few hours came down to car, it took 1 liter of water and drive normally back home.

I already ordered the water pump and thermostat,

But based on my previous experience in water pump.p it fails and bleeding shows clearly the water pump failure, in this current case its little strange so would it be the faulty thermostat that's acting funny driving the water pump deviation of it fail close? Of the pump is working normally but somehow at times when heated it decide to glitch as early signs of total failure?

Anyone had similar issue of the above which is little different than the normal way water pump fails.

Rushan 07-14-2019 01:07 AM

Anyways I replaced both water pump and thermostat all together at once to save from sudden failure later, everything working smooth now, bleeding acts normal and temp at long idle and driving within range.

I can confirm the old water pump still working but you can feel it its harder to spin compared to the new water pump, thermostat looks ok but could be internal failure anyways.

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