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suspenceful 07-17-2018 09:14 AM

Amazon Prime Day Deals for my N54!
Not sure if some of you are aware, but Amazon is having their annual sale. This are what I ordered today for my 135i and I figured I'd share with all my fellow enthusiasts. I'm cheap but couldn't pass these deals up, lol.

I believe you need to be a Prime member, but I have a link for a free 30-day trial to bypass that if you're not already a member.

Huge jugs of Castrol 5W-30 synthetic oil for only $22.14 at checkout! Ordered 3 so I'm set on oil changes for a while.

Awesome dash cam that's only $69 'til midnight, on sale from $150.

Complete 16pc Chemical Guys car wash kit with foam canon for only $64, usually $100.

70pc magnetic screwdriver kit for only $17. Good for all the torx bits on these damn cars.

I have a similar tool set and bring it everywhere. Has deep-well sockets, torx bits, etc. 192 pieces can fix just about anything on these cars for $148 at checkout.

My buddy bought this pressure washer for $200 a few months ago and said it kicks ass. It's half off right now.

12pc ratcheting wrench set for only $89 at checkout. These are convenient as hell.

Adjustable gear wrench set for $97 at checkout. Not a necessity, but will be nice to have at this price.

Anyone else find some good deals? I'm open to buying a few more things...

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