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135er 09-17-2014 05:15 PM

My BMW laval service rant... Please beware
I would like to share my story of not very funny epicness about BMW LAVAL mechanical service. First i would like to inform you that i have been on my second BMW and that i had always dealt with this dealership since the beginning. I have also over the past few years referred many clients/ friends and family members since i used to swear by this dealership.

Over the last few months, about 6 months ago i started experiencing some very minor misfires that were not frequent enough to make a huge story out of it. As i bit the bullet and figured things like that happens I went around and started diagnosing the problem by buying new spark plugs (at their parts department) and got them installed myself. This did not fix my problem. I have later on switched some coils with no luck once again.

One evening, at about 3 am, the car died on the highway about 1 month before my extended warranty ended. The car got towed to BMW LAVAL; my favourite dealership at the time thinking that this would be as easy as 123. As the car was getting diagnosed, I kindly advised the dealership that i was having some misfires on WOT on gears 4-5-6. I was told that as of now, the problem was that my water pump blew out and that it was the problem they were going to work on.

Right after getting a new water pump, i head home and everything goes fine for 4-5 days; I didn't use the car much at that time. As my warranty is about to end on july 11th, I kindly got an appointment with the dealer to go over it and get it inspected to make sure eveything is ok. As i get the car in I advise them the car still slutters and misfires at WOT. The problem would happen at higher speeds and the code that was thrown had to do with the HPFP. So they decide to replace my HPFP with no issues which is costing me only a 50$ franchise that i am ok with. I kindly ask the SA to go ahead and do the final inspection which we agreed on that ended up costing my 384.78$ in useless bull****. I had started reading a lot about the problem on the forums and everyone seemed geared towards a leaking injector. I asked the SA to make sure these were checked as they are an expensive repair out of warranty and had the feeling even with no codes on that something was not 100% right. The dealer tells me that the injectors were checked and they were 100% ok and not to worry about it and that very few of these go out anyways since there was a recall. I accept the awnser at the time thinking it has been checked and that i was paranoid over something that didnt make sence

Last week, my car starts misfiring to a point it cannot be driven anymore. I decide to bring the car to a local indy shop for a second opinion since i was really under the impression the dealer's inspection was kinda bogus and they come to the conclusion that my injector has been slowly dying. My injector number 6 is dead and has been slowly leaking ever since.

We are now talking about a repair of over 1400$ that i will have to dish out from my pockets.

I call the dealer to get some explanations about how the faulty injector was not intercepted at that time and i get awnserred that it was and that things like this happen. I basically explain that my issue has been going on since way before my extended warranty ended but he comes to the conclusion nothing could be done and that i had to absorb the cost of the repair.

I basically wanted to apologize for anyone i have referred to this place in the past as they are not competent enough to diagnose the most easiest and common issues. They are also thieves that have no shame in robbing you for labor over stuff they do not really check.

Overall, the extented warranty costed me about 2500$ + tax. I have also dished about 500$ extra for them in fees to diagnose things they never really insisted on putting any efforts on nor listening to my what my problem was. I will now have to dish out an extra 1400$ + tax more or less to have my injectors changed out of my own pockets and BMW LAVAL is not ready to do anything.

I will insist once again that if you are dealing with them to service your car you are doing it at your own risk.

Please do not hesitate to share my story; i will be sharing this over the facebook/forums, my friends, my work and god knows i work with a lot of people who goes there so everyone will know what to expect there.

Thank you

Roland135i 09-18-2014 03:19 PM

Mweh, sorry to hear all this.

Well, seems that a lot of BMW dealers over the world are the same.

A shame it is, really :bs:

ron123456 05-29-2015 08:53 PM

You did ok
me it cost me 19,400 to make proper repair, BMW like to kick the can down until your warranty run out.

pascalm3m5 02-20-2016 05:10 AM

Go see this team. Its 5 miles (8km) from the bmw laval, Jp the owner and is tean are great. VERY well inform and expertise in all the field that you whant. Many high end car dealer send their car their Good luck.
Here is the link for this amazing team, in ower Area:

VAG Motorsport

1201 Montée Masson, Laval, QC H7E 4P2, Canada

pascalm3m5 02-20-2016 05:11 AM

Nobody touch my BMW's, since......1994 ! Except a *near god * mechanic.

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