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Stroker396 09-29-2020 07:27 PM

How much Max PSI on 93?
So E85 is less prone to knock (higher octane) which allows you to increase the level of boost correct. The downside is that it requires 30% more volume hence the need for better lpfp, pi etc...

On 93 octane with a better lpfp fuel delivery is not a limitation. So therefore it must be knock (higher compression from higher boost)

So, if this is the case, How can I monitor for knock? to be able to work up a custom map 6? I assume to run a richer AFR I would need to modify the tables in the BEF? (Tunerpro)

Custom tuners have been able to reach over 600whp without PI (but other supporting mods) I am guessing map 2 and 5 are far below that.

Before the I got he car right it seemed to be overboosting (and fast). Right now it seems to be dead on for map 2 at 14.5 psi

E85 is not always available I would like to maximize the cars performance on 93.


BeGooD69 10-03-2020 07:44 PM

I pushed 735whp on 93. One of the secrets is cooling. I do use pi for more delivery of fuel. Have the the fuel bar on the high pressure isolated from heat and a goof fmic. Should help increase knock resistance. Good luck

Stroker396 10-04-2020 07:40 AM

Thats a pretty impressive level. PI will be coming eventually.

I did some reading and looks like with the JB4 the only way to monitor for knock is to look in the logs for instant 3degree timing drops as an indicator. I was hoping for somethi g more real time etc...

Since the JB4 does not like anything plugged into the OBD2 port I was thinking about something like this to be able to tune better
Knock Monitor Pro Tuner Nerd

I know there is a lot of power still in it.

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