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sbuchana12 05-06-2017 10:56 PM

Need some help with 20"
Hey guys I am totally new when it comes to wheels and tires. My car originally came with the 19" sport wheels with the Pzero tires. (2008 335i e92) I wanted something different and a Guy at my local tires shop suggested these 20" gloss black would look good. So I got them and was not really considering the tires so just got generic. They are Antares M5 all season. I am assuming not the best quality and the ride is very harsh. Anyways I want to put some different tires on there. I am currently looking at The Ventus Evo2 tires as I have head good things about them.

My current setup is 245/30/20 all the way around. I believe the rim is 8.5" My question is will upgrading to the Ventus Evo2 help with the ride quality and if so what size tire should I put on there for the best fitment/performance/quality

Thank a bunch

LessIsMore 07-06-2017 12:13 PM

Those tires are no good for performance.

Tires might help with the ride, but the 20" size and weight of the wheels (assuming heavy as ****) are the real issues with ride quality. Plus they look too big on our cars IMO.

Ditch those 20's, and buy some lightweight 19x9 (f) and 19x10 (r) wheels.

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