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Jasongel2 05-13-2019 05:49 AM

Need help- car hiccups after jb4 install- log attached
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After installing jb4, map 1,2 or 5, under normal driving conditions will jerk or hiccup around 3k rpm does not happen all The time but atleast once every 5 minutes or so, it also happens under load while going up a hill with cruise control, almost like a fuel cut or an issue between open/close loop . I had a similar issue with my wrx and it was fixed via tip in adjustments with tune.
WOT car performs fine.
I am not familiar with bmw tuning as itís all new to me, but I do own several heavily nodded cars and am pretty car savvy

Intermittent 3166 code as well
Firmware version 5/16//1 according to app under user adjustment settings

Hiccup is at end of log before stopping

2013 335i
Bms intake
Bms charge pipe
Bms Race intercooler
VRSF ******* **

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