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prelude2perfect 10-08-2020 04:05 AM

Savannah Area Mechanic Here if Anyone Needs Work Done
Part time mechanic here located in Richmond Hill, GA and working out of my personal garage. Tons of experience on N54s and others. Iíve worked part time for over 3 years in the Tacoma, WA area and have plenty of references. Iíve also been working on my own cars for over 10 years now. Just moved on from a self built 600hp 335i to a 2013 M5. Save yourself some money from taking it to a shop. Hereís just some of the things I can do on these cars:

Walnut Blasting
MHD flashing and tuning support
JB4 installs and support
Fuel pump upgrades (fuel-it, boost concepts, ect.)
Intakes (including inlets)
Charge *****
Down *****
Water/ Meth Injection
Catch Cans
Any and all fluid changes
Short Shifters
Turbo installs
Clutch and Flywheel installs
Angel Eyes
Bumper installs
Water pumps and thermostats
Valve cover gaskets
Oil Filter Housing Gaskets/ Oil Cooler Gaskets
Injectors including coding
Misfire diagnostics/ coil and spark plug installs
Basic coding
AC Compressors
LSD installs
Drive shafts/ axles

I'm sure there's a lot more I'm forgetting as well but that's the most common stuff I come across.

PM me if youíre looking to get any work done.


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