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blackhat75 07-12-2020 05:04 PM

Electronic Damping Control Coilovers for AWD
Heylo, I have a '12 E92 335i AWD(Xdrive) and have been searching for an adjustable coilover solution for several months. Last year, I installed a set of H&R springs all around which looks great but the ride is terrible. I used to think my *** hated getting groomed at the pet shop. Turns out she's terrified of riding in my car; it's that bad! I need more throw in the front and soften up the rear but that's just me and my needs.
I found the Bilstein B16 coilovers with Damptronic. Unfortunately, they're only made for the RWD. I've searched every brand I can find, looking for a similar electronically adjustable coilover kit for the AWD platform. Not finding any, I started looking at universal electronic damping controllers for coilovers. Theres Teins' EDFC which works on many of their coilover kits but none that fit a 3-series let alone an AWD. There's Cuscos' ECon2, again not making anything for AWD 3-series and only fitting Cuscos' own coilovers. Lastly, I found Tanabe TEAS which I think I read they're mainly for Japanese vehicles or something like that; not too much info on these available.
Anyways, I figured I'd see what the forums had found over the years for a solution to this problem. If all else fails, I'll settle for a nice ISC N1 Street Comfort set and deal with crawling around the car every once in a while, not the end of the world. I recently did the F-series center console/LED shift knob swap which happens to also incorporate the 'Sport' button just below the shift lever which could still be used to activate an electronic suspension controller. I think that'd be really nice to have available.
Does anyone know of another universal damper controller which would happen to fit a coilover set which happens to work on a AWD E92 335i? It's a brutal search and I'm about tapped out. BTW, money's no object. Thanks in advance for all and any help and ideas. Opinions won't really be that helpful here but they're welcome too.

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