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terycoils82 07-29-2021 04:23 AM

BMW N63 Engine Real World Issues
I have a 2013 BMW 550 with the N63 engine. There is much negative publicity on this engine. I am curious if you personally have issues with this engine and what they were. Mine is approaching 140 000 km and expect for heavy oil consumption, have no issues. Should I keep the car for another 30 to 40 k? I love the car and in general it has been great.

Opac68 08-06-2021 08:15 PM

I also have a 2013 550i m sport with around 87k miles now, previous owner maintained it well. I bought it last year, when I contact BMW dealer to get the history on the vehicle the CCP was already done. I still ended up replacing the engine as the original started to produce telltale signs of valve stem issues(smoke out of exhaust), excessive oil consumption. Since replacing engine with a new one i havent had any of those issues. Haven't even needed to add oil since. I also replaced all hoses,ignition coils,plugs, battery, and HPFP. Car is running smooth with JB4, Arm intake is on the way and will be getting exhaust done soon.

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