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2011_550i_TX 02-08-2020 12:41 PM

MAP 6 Questions
1.) Are all boost values in map 6 absolute or additive for the N63 NON TU?

2.) Do any if the values under user adjustment affect other maps such as map 1 or map 2 such as PID Gain, FOL Default Wastegate Pos, etc? Or do those values only affect Map 6?

3.) Is it possible to get or see/view all the settings for MAP 1, MAP 2 (compared to MAP 6 default values?)


2011 550i

SINasTER 04-05-2020 11:56 AM

It seems there is a let go from the comunity since a couple months now, also posted some questions and even though it’s getting read, no answers yet... will try to help as best I can

#1- from my last conversation with Terry, additive boost on map 6

#2- appart from boost by rpm (for custom tune, I think most other values affects all other map (my car runs better since I played a bit with the wastegate position and duty bias)

#3- only the dev team could help you on this one...

ITPhil 04-11-2020 04:08 PM

Thank You SINasTER. I would just like to learn before I make a mistake.

Boosted_8 06-20-2021 08:47 AM

#3 is a good feature request

Say you are running map 2 and its all good bar one aspect and you want to take a bit of boost out of the lower rpm for example, why cant you load map 2 into custom editor and start with the default values then save it as your map 6 once done?

Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It! 06-21-2021 10:24 AM

#3 is show in every log you take as the "target". ;)

Boosted_8 06-21-2021 02:42 PM

Boost target is additive in map 6 yes? Is there a manual to read on all the others settings?

Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It! 06-22-2021 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by Boosted_8 (Post )
Boost target is additive in map 6 yes? Is there a manual to read on all the others settings?

For the F-series that is correct. Boost target (pink line) will show the additive value throughout the RPM range.

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