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eric84405 06-15-2015 06:28 PM

2012 X5d JBD
I just picked up a new ride for the wife. We tow a boat that is roughly 5500 lbs loaded. Does anyone know if I can tow with the JBD tuner installed or will EGTs get too high? Will I need the code clearing tool or is it possible to use the COBB I use for my 535 to clear any potential error codes?



Terry @ BMS 07-01-2015 08:34 PM

It's a pretty mild tune, we've never had any EGT issues with it. Shouldn't be any need for a code tool but if you need one the Bav Tech cable is the best way to go. Not sure if the Cobb hand held would read/delete codes on a diesel.

eric84405 07-13-2015 06:00 PM

So, I installed the JBD, could not be much easier. I am able to run it at about 80-85% without throwing any codes. It offers a nice, noticeable bump in power and torque.

The COBB (N54 V2) does work as a scanner and was able to clear the check engine light I got when turned up to 100%. I may back it off a hair more just to provide a greater margin of safety.

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