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sconnell80 10-20-2020 02:00 PM

2012 BMW 650i n63 data logging
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Hello new to the JB4 platform and I have been running into some issues recently with the car running rough at idle or at a light and throwing lean and misfire issues. I attached a couple logs one which is map 0 and one that is map 2. Neither map will help the car run like it was a couple weeks ago. I did find that one of my plastic intake tubes that has the single bolt holding it to the turbo inlet was cracked and the orange seal was showing and possibly slid back sucking in unfiltered air. Iíve checked all hose connections and all look tight and in place. I recently installed catch cans on both banks and was in need of replacing the plastic pcv hoses with rubber hoses going to the catch cans. I didnít have any of these issues until I installed these and Iím hoping they arenít the culprit as they are doing their job keeping out the moisture/oil/fuel combo. The car has brand new NGK one step colder plugs, arm intake, arm dpís, bmw 3.5 TMAPS and of course the JB4. Like I said car was running great and making good power with the occasional misfire which is normal Iíve heard for the N63. Hopefully these logs will help explain whatís going on or shed some light on what I can do and also help tune the car for maximum performance. Thanks in advance guys.

Terry @ BMS 10-20-2020 02:29 PM

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The map0 log shows normal WOT operation, but logs won't be useful for troubleshooting a rough idle. You'll want to start removing obvious possible causes like intake, exhaust mods, etc, if nothing stands out in the fault codes.

sconnell80 10-20-2020 02:35 PM

The thing is it’s not rough idle all the time. Everything was good till I installed the catch cans and used rubber hose to the catch cans and I also wanted to replace the brittle and cracked plastic pcv hoses that I had taped up to prevent vacuum leaks. All the other add on’s where doing great so I don’t think there were any issues there. I also attached map 2 log how did that look? Is there a certain way to do logs so I can get you the best possible info? I’d like to get the best performance out of the car obviously after I figure out why I’m getting lean mixture code 118001 and the misfire codes which I believe are caused by the same issue. Thanks for your help Terry.

Terry @ BMS 10-20-2020 03:09 PM

Maybe it's as simple as vacuum or PCV line leak somewhere? hard to really know.

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