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crimson335 07-14-2014 11:14 AM

'07 e90 335i | ACF Single Turbo Build
Picked up the car stock in May of this year and have been enjoying it. 2006 build date, sport package / auto car. The 162's will serve as winter wheels when the time comes.

I'm fortunate to know Tony (trickcruiser) who knows a wealth about these cars in general for right around 13 years or so now. He's been outstanding in guiding regarding what to look for in the car and mods etc. Major props to Tony as well for installation of DP's & suspension this past Saturday also!

Performance: JB4, DCI's, backend flash & N54 Tuning DP's.

Appearance: Smoked LED tails, new factory fog housings with tinted lamin-x, Sonic Tuning HID HID's & MTech angel eyes. Also carbon fiber splitters & gloss black grills. Carbon fiber roundels.

Suspension/brakes: Koni Yellow adjustables / H&R Race Springs. Slotted/drilled rotors.

Rolling Stock: STR 607 Gunmetal
19x8.5 (30mm) w/ 235/35/19 Nitto NT555
19x10 (35mm) w/ 265/30/19 Nitto NT555

Awaiting installation: BMS OCC, e85 walbro. blacking out the trim & ditching the woodgrain on are the list of to-do's as well.

Taken Sunday, car has settled some in the front, still may add lowering perches in front depending on how it settles overall.

N54 Tuning DP's:

Trickcruiser 07-16-2014 09:34 AM

Car is looking great man.

I was leery of installing anything other than AR DP's but these fit really well.

It also looks like my new FMIC will be in next week so you should be able to add AA FMIC to your upgrade list! ;)

After that, we need to make some time to get that inline pump installed so we can update the flash and crank up the boost!!!

crimson335 09-30-2021 10:04 AM

So thread revival. Many updates since last posting. The rebuilt set of beefed up OEM's lasted roughly 40ish miles total if I recall. So the gauntlet was thrown down, another set of twins was not going back in this car, so it was single turbo time.

So to get caught up, here's the "list" of updates/maintenance items:
ACF single turbo kit
valve cover
index 12 injectors
BC Racing coilovers
thermostat / waterpump
NGK plugs
AKG motor mounts
PR coils (relocated, also not in picture lol)
335d expansion tank
trans mount bushings
ECS rear arms
N55 midpipes
new CF mirror caps
CSL carbon truck lid with carbon left exposed
CF diffuser
NRW CF steering wheel (LCI)
NRW billet paddles (to be installed)
Eonon head unit
Fairly certain I'm forgetting some things of course.

Next round will see, in no particular order:
Finally install the darn CF front lip.. lol
install crank hub capture, ps pump pulley, new belt
modernized, better looking, non terrible headlights
port injection, moar fuel, turn up boost.
trans and oil coolers
more free flowing exhaust (TBD do not want/need stupid or annoying loud, perhaps cut open my spare set of oem mufflers for PE style mod)
pull headliner, recover sunroof slider
something seat wise, would love to do an OEM+ style (F80 M3) seat, but TBD.
Pickup a set of nice staggered 18's to have in addition to my existing 19's as I have a 275/40/18's.

So enough of the book to read, onto pics. As always, this thing would not be anywhere near as fun as it is (albeit a PITA sometimes) without the knowledge and skills of @Trickcruiser






Recently was able to get out to local C&C for a bit finally!

WayneRT 11-04-2021 11:27 PM

Beautiful ride, man! Is it me or the photos aren't loading on your second post here?

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