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cdugas4 07-27-2020 04:59 PM

Can BMS send me the part I purchased?
So this is a long story. TL;DR is BMS determined my JB4 board was fried (after doing what they told me to do), so I purchased a new board, package finally arrives containing only my old board. I also want the screws for the bluetooth module offered to me. I'd really like these things overnight shipped to me so that I can MAYBE get my car running by Wednesday.

So this story starts a few months ago when I purchased a 2010 135i from around the city of LA and got it shipped to me in the state of LA. It already had a JB4 installed and everything was stock and running on Map 0. Car ran great, built strong boost and pulled good. The JB4 didn't have the bluetooth module so I ordered one and installed it. Car still ran perfect but no matter what I did, the app would only show boost and no other parameter. Quick email to BMS support and after a little back and forth troubleshooting and being told I really had a "Stage 1" tune, they finally realized I actually did have a JB4 after I sent a picture of the circuit board.

They replied back with "That's an old G5 board. It needs to be converts to ISO." So they sent instructions and I did as they said and updated the firmware after removing the two diodes on the old board. Being new to BMW and JB4 tuning I didn't realize the parameters in the tuning menus would spontaneously change to some really messed up numbers after a firmware update. This resulted in me immediately getting zero boost. None no matter what I did. A few more emails back and forth changing parameters and some help from a friendly person on an N54 Facebook group and now I'm making boost, sort of. Now I get a spike in boost up close to or above target and then the boost drops to around half of the target boost. Tried all kinds of parameters as per instructions.

Sent logs. The friendly guy on FB said it looked like I had a vac or boost leak. Changed most vac lines, found a weak diverter valve nipple on the intake manifold. Spend two weeks waiting on parts to fix that and tearing the car apart tracing out all possible places for a boost leak. Found nothing. Finally fixed the intake connection to the diverters. Changed out the charge pipe for a metal one with a Tial BOV to eliminate bad diverters as a cause. Got it back running, same problem. Tial BOV worked perfectly and it is nice to be able to hear when it releases to rule that out. Email BMS support again. They say to ship the board back in for them to troubleshoot it since everything started immediately after I followed their instructions and everything points to a JB4 problem.

Send board back. I email them to let them know it was delivered on a Monday. On Tuesday July 14th, I also ask where I can find screws to reinstall the bluetooth module since both fell out when taking the JB4 out and are now lost. They replied "We will send you new screws with the return." Perfect, and that was very nice of them.

On Wednesday July 15th I ask if there is any news yet, am told "Looks like the board is defective. We can discount you a new control board for $100+ shipping." I think, ok that sucks. I kind of expected a bigger discount since in my eyes this whole ordeal started from following their directions but no big deal... it's only $100. That day, July 15th, I agreed to purchase the new board and asked that the old board be sent back with the new board (since it is technically my property and I'd like to still have it for troubleshooting).

On Thursday July 16th, I get an email back that the board is "The board is crushed and broken. I may still have it in your bin." I inquire as to why they destroyed my board. Turns out it wasn't mine and they got it confused. I still don't have an invoice or a way to purchase the board even though agreeing to buy it the day before.

On Friday I get an email timestamped Fri, Jul 17, 3:47 PM with an invoice link to buy my new board. So now no matter what I do it won't get shipped out till Monday at least. I pay immediately and sure enough it isn't sent out till Monday. I sent an email back timestamped Fri, Jul 17, 4:07 saying "Ok thanks. Just ordered it. Please remember the screws for the Bluetooth connection."

USPS missed their expected delivery on Saturday so the package shows up today. The order shows the package should contain the new replacement board and my old board listed as "Control board on the repair shelf for (my name)".

Imagine my excitement today sitting at work dreaming about when I get home from work to rip open the package, install the new JB4, verify parameters and go for a ride in my new car that has been sitting there unusable for a month and a half. I get home, open the package and find.... the old circuit board. Nothing else. No screws. No new circuit board. Nothing.

I frantically search everywhere online for a phone number to call. I find none. I email my BMS support contact to call me ASAP. I was hoping someone would get back to me before they close for the day but no call yet. So here I am, just signed up for the forum and posting for help. I just need my new JB4 sent out ASAP so I can at least get the car back running. After this experience and the absolute gut punch I felt opening the package to find nothing useful to me at all, I'm literally sick to my stomach over this entire experience.

And no, there isn't another package shipped separately. The order info says it was all within the same package.

cdugas4 07-27-2020 05:00 PM

Order number is BMS163368 for anyone from BMS attempting to help me out.

brendan 07-27-2020 05:09 PM

Its not like your dealing with a half assed company.

They will sort you out very quickly I wouldnt be stressing.
They have alot of employees and respond very quickly.

cdugas4 07-27-2020 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by brendan (Post )
Its not like your dealing with a half assed company.

They will sort you out very quickly I wouldnt be stressing.
They have alot of employees and respond very quickly.

I really hope so. It just doesn't feel like it so far. I'm sick to my stomach and feel like I wasted a month and a half on this crap.

Terry @ BMS 07-27-2020 05:47 PM

How sure why you were sent back a defective board, I'll check in to it and email you. Maybe the fact that we discounted the new board to what a repair would usually run confused someone at the warehouse.

PS. I think I see what happened. You made a big fuss about getting back the faulty board in addition to a new G5 board we said we'd discount for you. Someone entered that on the notes. The warehouse assumed the $100 charge was for a repair and only sent the faulty board.

cdugas4 07-27-2020 06:02 PM

I'm sorry, a "big fuss"? The quote from my email says "Ok but I want the original board back too. You got a code or something for me to use?" The "Ok" meaning yes, I'll go ahead and purchase a new board. The response was "The board is crushed and broken. I may still have it in your bin."

In my mind at that time it seemed very suspicious. My troubles started following BMS instructions. I get told I need to buy more stuff from BMS to fix it and ohh by the way you can't have your property back because we destroyed it. I've been screwed over with retailers on repairs before so I'm a bit skeptical/suspicious. I wanted the old board back to help me troubleshoot in case the new board also didn't fix my lack of boost problem.

I'm not trying to be difficult here. I am just very frustrated. I've been troubleshooting this problem for a month and a half and am anxious to get the car back running.

Ando @ BMS 07-28-2020 11:09 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Customer contacted us with an issue that his new/used car came with JB4 and it does not enter in dash menu or make boost. Keep in mind BMS warranty and support applies to original owner for 5 years from the time of the purchase.
We proceeded to help the customer in figuring out what the issue is anyways.
After couple of emails back and forth we discovered it is very old JB4 with G5 board and none ISO. Advised the customer to update to ISO and load the latest firmware. That didn't fix the issue. Agreed to get it back at BMS to see what was wrong with it. Once here we discovered the board is not repairable and it's best to get into a new one. Instead of charging retail for a new control board we offered $75 discount to help out. Usually we keep the faulty board back so it doesn't end up in circulation with another user, but the customer requested to get the faulty board back as well which we didn't mind.

The issue here is invoice said new G5 ISO control board for $100 and also said repaired G5 ISO and the warehouse thought it was shipping back the repaired G5 ISO only. We have never had a customer ask for a faulty board back as it's trash. That's why there was confusion and only the faulty one was sent back.

I apologize for that. Next time I will try to be more clear so this doesn't happen. From the first email you said I have tried to help you out and find answered and solution for your issue. I am not sure why you feel another way about it.
We have already arranged to send you the new G5 ISO. Once shipped tracking will be emailed to you.

cdugas4 07-28-2020 01:14 PM

Sorry Ando, but that's not at all what happened. I did not contact you regarding problems with the JB4 not allowing an in-dash menu or not making boost. I purchased a brand new "JB4 Device Connection (Seperate Power Wire) - JB4 Wireless Mobile Smart Phone Kit" from Burger Motorsports directly along with a set of cowl filters on May 14th. I love the cowl filters, btw. I connected the bluetooth device as per instructions. Car was still running fine and JB4 would successfully connect to my phone on the JB4 app. But the only reading that would show up is boost.

Therefore I emailed BMS support about a problem with a brand new component sold by them to me and installed as per their instructions. At this point as best I could tell absolutely nothing was wrong with the JB4. The car ran perfectly, made good boost, the in dash menu worked, etc. BMS Support (Ando) suggested that I had a Stage1 instead of a JB4. I brought up the in dash menu working because I was under the impression a Stage 1 didn't have a menu, which was confirmed by Ando. That's when Ando asked for pictures of my board and determined that I needed to remove two diodes and re-flash my JB4. Up until that point I had no issues with lack of boost. I did as instructed to the JB4. That allowed the app to start seeing all parameters and working correctly, but left me with zero boost, then after some tuning about half of target boost.

I don't really care at this point if BMS leaves me hanging on the two tiny screws they offered to send me. I'd just like my new board sent to me ASAP and someone to please answer my question as to what size screws they are so that I can procure some myself.

As far as why I'm frustrated, I made a simple request to have my board sent back me. After confusion over the status of it being "crushed and broken" I was met with dismissive attitude why I'd be concerned that my perfectly fine appearing board would be destroyed and my only recourse being sending the people who destroyed my property more money after the apparent cause of the malfunction was following their instructions. After being reassured that everything was taken care of and I'd get my stuff back, I wait a week to find the product I purchased wasn't sent to me. Fearing another half-week long back and forth (as it took two business days to get an invoice originally, backing up my shipping time over the weekend) trying to reach BMS support and another week in transit, I got on here to try to hopefully get the issue resolved quickly. I had hoped my board would be sent out overnight shipping to me because this mistake was not mine. Guess I was wrong.

Terry @ BMS 07-28-2020 02:07 PM

BTW the board in the photo is a first gen G5 board from 2011-2012, I'd toss it. If you're going to try to run it with current firmware make sure the diodes are cut and don't be surprised if the car stops making boost randomly at some point.

As for the screw size on the N54 it depends what shell is being used or if no shell at all is being used.

cdugas4 07-28-2020 02:27 PM

Not planning on running it. Just wanted it back for troubleshooting as I'm still paranoid about what the issue is. The casing will be the one it was originally in with the new board assuming they fit each other.:shrug

cdugas4 07-28-2020 02:28 PM

So umm, I guess can anyone point me in the direction of the tiny screws these might be so I can try to find some to buy?

Terry @ BMS 07-28-2020 03:38 PM

Just remove shell then any short screw will work. Just take it to a hardware store to match up the thread.

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