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Payam @ BMS 05-04-2020 09:36 AM


Originally Posted by davisnapier (Post )
Maybe this has been answered already but this thread is long and excuse my ignorance but with stage 2 hybrids can you just run pump gas, no e85, no port injection, no upgraded lpfp? My stock turbos are going and I ordered hybrids because it just didn't make sense to me to order stock, figure i may as well upgrade now, giving me more options add more power in the future. I currently run jb4 with back end flash on map 5 on my stock turbos. Also, when you say for e85, at a minimum you need to run stage 1 lpfp, does that mean in conjuction with port injection or tbi? I'm thinking about upgrading to to your stage 2 lpfp & running your meth injection with an e85 blend, port injection seems to intimidating to me. Is this a route I could go? I'm assuming it is because the wording says "for e85, no meth, port injection is required" so to me that sounds like it can be either or? Thanks.

You'll first be limited by the LPFP, so you'll want to upgrade that if you're looking for more power and blending ethanol mixes.

Next up would be PI for higher power and full e85

cheffin13 07-24-2020 07:32 AM

Low boost issues
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Having issues making boost. Logs show it not gaining boost until 4-5k rpm, and even then only a max of 13psi.

Randomly, it will hit very hard in 1st and 2nd gear after being run for a bit.

TD04-17t Hybrid Turbos
Chargepipe w/BOV
93oct w/ 40% E85

Terry @ BMS 07-28-2020 05:21 PM

WGDC is up boost is low, do the vacuum line test first!

N54 WG Vacuum Line Testing HOW-TO - YouTube

Milehighbmw 08-16-2020 01:13 PM

BEF. Can I?
Can I temporarily use a hybrid bef with a stock fuel pump and map sensor?

RJ's325ITS 08-24-2020 06:07 PM

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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS (Post )
Hey guys,

Basic setup notes:

1) Larger than OEM turbos require a back end flash map to be loaded via the BB free software or MHD software.

2) You'll need a 3.5bar TMAP sensor to allow proper boost control above the 20psi factory TMAP sensor limit. The required adapter and part number are both here: http://www.burgertuning.com/N54_JB4_upgrades.html

3) We strongly suggest a BMS OCC, BMS vacuum side OCC or replacement PCV, and a high flow inlet system with larger turbos.

4) Use the flash map that most appropriately matches the octane to be used. For pump gas no meth use PUMP, for pump gas with meth or light E85 or race gas mixtures use RACE, and for 40% E85 or more use E85 HYBRID map.

5) For E85, no meth, TBI or port injection is required to supplement the high pressure fuel system. At a minimum Fuel-IT Stage1 low pressure upgrade is required and in most cases with E85 a Fuel-IT Stage3 low pressure upgrade is suggested.

6) Larger turbos require special duty bias adjustments to get boost on target. Note default settings below as a starting point. FUD/Options bit6 (disable RPM FF gain) must be turned on. Duty bias starts at 50 and ramps up to 68 at 7000rpm. This profile is a good starting point for all hybrid turbos.

7) We suggest starting with a lower map like map 2 to evaluate boost control and then working up from there.

...Will add more as we have it! Feel free to direct any hybrid turbo tuning questions to this thread and Steve, Jon, or myself will answer. :burnrubber:


I did my first official test run with my 17T turbos, and had some issues, I had error code 2ABC on map 6.

So I bought my N20 sensor from FCP Euro and the adaptor from BMS, I set the user settings as suggested via Bluetooth app. I had previously done the PUMP BEF via MHD.

If I run map 4, car runs strong. On map 2, I keep getting boost over target issues.

Here is the log for the runs. Thank you

ludo 09-24-2020 02:46 PM

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Hi guys,

experiencing fuel trim variance, injectors are OK and all 4 02sensor are new
FBO+ MMP1K and 535walbro bucketless


chrisc3 09-26-2020 07:18 PM

Keep getting thrown into map 4
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Help, I keep getting thrown into map 4. I am FBO stage 2 DAW turbos, stage 2 lpfp. I installed the pump bef and copied the settings from your guide but for some reason I keep getting kicked into map 4. Ive tried map 1 and map 5 but no luck. I would of logged more but my jb4 bluetooth cut out. It worked perfect yesterday after install but today the bluetooth started slowly losing connection until it eventually quit working all together.

THE BEAST 09-26-2020 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by chrisc3 (Post )
Help, I keep getting thrown into map 4. I am FBO stage 2 DAW turbos, stage 2 lpfp. I installed the pump bef and copied the settings from your guide but for some reason I keep getting kicked into map 4. Ive tried map 1 and map 5 but no luck. I would of logged more but my jb4 bluetooth cut out. It worked perfect yesterday after install but today the bluetooth started slowly losing connection until it eventually quit working all together.

U missed fud/ option 6

chrisc3 09-27-2020 06:41 PM

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Originally Posted by THE BEAST (Post )
U missed fud/ option 6

Ok I changed it. Here are a few logs from this evening. Does everything look ok?

ludo 09-29-2020 11:19 AM

i'm running MMP1K on 91us pump gas, which BEf should i use @terry @ BMS

decobm 10-23-2020 01:09 AM

Bmw 335is
Bmw 335is fbo+ meth + pureturbo hf
How many whp we can get with jb4 tune ?
Can do 700whp

02letsrunem 10-23-2020 11:27 AM

Inlets, down pipe , 450 walbro, ID 12's, 5" IC, MHD, what else do I need to run 19t's or similar? looking for 500whp roughly.

Sammy22135i 12-09-2020 10:22 PM

Please take a look and advise
2 Attachment(s)
I could use some help when time permits.

Engine Mods
• JB4 G5 with wireless
• BEF-Pump via MHD
• 3.5bar TMAP
• Stage 2 LPFP upgraded to 550 Walboro
• New HPFP
• Pure Stage1
• Silicone inlets and outlet
• Upgraded charge pipe with forged diverter valves
*********, ******* and Midpipes
• Cold Air intake with K&N
2 logs posted-
• Map 2 on first
• Map 5 on 2nd
I am running about 60% 100 race gas and 40% E85 for these runs
Please take a look at let me know what you think, new to the tuning side of it.

coolbluestreak 12-19-2020 09:10 AM

What BEF should I be running?
What BEF should I be running?
I've got a 2010 E61 535I xdrive Automatic trans with stage 2 Vargas turbos, 2" inlets, DCI, BMS dual catch cans, VRSF ******* DP's, gutted rear cats, 450lph lpfp, BMS charge pipe, JB4, and now I need the right BEF.

When I fuel up I start with about 4 gallons of E85 and top it off with 91. I'm thinking the map I need is JB4_IJE0S_HYBRID_E85.bin, or is there another one that is more appropriate for my combination?

Thanks for the help!

Tommijama 12-22-2020 04:52 AM

How much boost i can get? I have 6+6 17t hybrid turbos, 3”dp, tmap 3,5,bigger cooler and 2,5” inlets.
Its gonna run with gas

Rushan 12-27-2020 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by Rushan (Post )
With the VTT stage1 14t and housing wand FBO with inlets should they consider stock turbos or look more in the hybrid settings?

Currently on race flash with meth on map 3 70 adder, would i stick to race flash and normal JB4 setting or i consider the hybrid setting on 1st page with the race flash for VTT stg 1 14t turbos?

airliner33 01-20-2021 04:08 AM

I am currently executing :
Hybrid 17T turbos, DP, LPFP stage 3, inlet/outlet 2', CP HKS, intercooler
I would like to know if it is possible to get an e85 mapping for this configuration via JB4 and MHD (I don't understand really the history of BEF well) before having the custom mapping adjusted by trebila or wedge when I have added PI ?
For example can I use this map : "JB4_I8A0S_HYBRID_E85.bin" found here :
N54 MHD Back End Flash Maps - N54Tech.com - International Turbo Racing Discussion
Thank's for answers

Stevae 01-25-2021 05:07 PM

Okay, I'm really missing something here, and I'm hoping the board can help me understand or figure out what I'm missing.
Before I changed my tune from a custom MHD tune to a JB4 BEF tune, my car was WILD. That's the best way I know how to explain it. From the time I put the last upgraded pieces on it, to the time I changed the flash, when I hit the pedal in my car, it would scare the crap out of you, and was barely in control! But it was thrilling!!! It always seemed to be just on the other side of out-of-control. However, when I first put the JB4 in it, it brought the craziness even further down the rpm gauge. What I mean by that, is where it only got real wild beyond 3500-4200rpm previously, it would try to get wild down around the 3000rpm mark.
So as I started changing settings and trying to set it up correctly for the ECU and 3.5 bar TMAP sensor, I started getting Engine Reduced Power "Half Engine" warnings every time I started my car. Then I started working with Terry to dial it in. And we did get it dialed in, and the warnings went away. HOWEVER, and this is the main point of this post, even though my car is now running very smoothly, it isn't wild anymore. It's not even close to as quick or fast as it was. When I hit the pedal now, it's much slower and there's no comparable thrill. It's very tame. And that is killing me.
So, my logic and reasoning is this: If the car made all that speed, hp and torque previously, it can make it again. It still had it when I first put the JB4 on there, and I think it can have it again. I want to keep the JB4, but push the car back to it's crazy personality it had previously, and I'm hoping this board can help me to do it.
Right now my boost is really close to my boost target (22-25psi on WOT). And my FF is right in line with WGDC (mid 40's and some 50's on boost). So what can I tinker with to bring back the over-all power and wildness it had before? I'm using the same LPFP/HPFP as I had before. And right now it doesn't feel like I have any of the down low torque I had before.
Finally, on the road I use to test and get logs (in Mexico), I previously would hit about 145-150mph before getting to the point where I needed to slow down before the curve. Now I barely get to 115-120mph. There is a very noticeable difference. So I'd like to tinker with it and try to get back to at least the 140mph range. Thanks for any help offered.

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