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JBoe 06-06-2019 09:06 PM

Octane Issue??
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So I decided to see if the 50/50 WMI would be enough to run Map 7 at additive 50 with CA 91 Octane. Looking at my timing, it's not. I've been using Boostane to get the Octane up, but I'd done that prior to adding in the WMI and just continued. I'll get my boosting/gas mix in the tank to prove this out, but my car feels slower than stock in it's current condition and all I see as a change is lack of ignition advance.

If anyone can review and lend me your thoughts... I'd be happy to hear them. Hopefully Payam and/or Terry can chime in as well.

JBoe 06-08-2019 06:36 PM


Vorsprung_CJB 06-08-2019 06:47 PM

Not a B58 expert, but definitely insufficient octane, among other things. Timing can be pretty low with B58 but you are completely bottomed out in the 4th gear run, and nearly always in the 3rd gear ones. More concerning are some very lean periods and some lean spikes. I also know the B58 can have high IAT's, but yours are through the roof, especially for WMI. Not sure if it measures before or after the meth though... good luck, hope you get some further analysis.

JBoe 06-08-2019 09:11 PM

Thanks, Vorsprung... IATs are measured before WMI. I've never messed with IAT spoofing as it's never been needed. I've put Boostane back in the tank and everything has returned to normal mostly. Power is down slightly as it's getting well over 100 outside. It was the same last summer. I'll get some more logs soon, but my butt Dyno is definitely feeling the better octane.

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