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pyrax 09-30-2020 04:53 PM

N54 Single Turbo Overboosting (2ABC & 3100)
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Hey people of N54 tech!

I also posted this on e90 post but I thought that there are more active members here!

So i just got my custom tune from Justin @ TwistedTuning and while I was getting logs for the car, I noticed under load, I kept getting the 2ABC and 3100 codes and was put into limp mode. The codes go away after being cleared, but come back after I hit WOT.

I think I am overboosting and thats what's causing the limp mode and codes. I have boost max set to 18psi and the boost safety setting set to 20pst (I have the 2.5 bar sensor), but according to my logs, Im hitting ~ +21 psi.

Before people tell me to check my wastegate plumbing and such here is some background info:
- My mac solenoid works, I hear the clicks when testing
- I have 2 Tial wastegates with 10psi springs each.
- Wastegate vacuum line plumbing is correct, as I had an issue where I wasn't hitting boost but fixed it via the lines.
- I don't have a vacuum fitting on my turbo so I made that line go to the stock vacuum location and plugged the other tube (the 2 tubes that go across the valve cover)

Here are the specifics of the build:
- Borg Warner S366 Turbo
- 2 tial wastegates
- knock-off hks bov (Yes i know, I'll get it replaced soon ): )
- Walbro 255 LPFP
- 5in Intercooler
- VSFR Chargepipe

I'll attach the most recent log I have of the problem occurring. Any and all help will be appreciated. Thank you everyone!

Ekn54 10-11-2020 10:46 PM

Hey bud did u ever figure out what was ur issue, I am having the same problem

pyrax 10-11-2020 10:55 PM


Originally Posted by Ekn54 (Post )
Hey bud did u ever figure out what was ur issue, I am having the same problem

Hey yeah man. Since my turbo wasnt tapped with a nipple, i was using the stock positive pressure source from the twin turbos with the other source capped off. I ended up using my charge ***** meth hole and a 1/8th NPT to nipple adapter as my positive pressure source and it fixed my overboosting issue right up! Hope this helps, good luck!

Ekn54 10-12-2020 08:00 AM

Good for u, n thanks alot for the reply, my turbo is already tapped for a vacuum line, maybe I have a leak somewhere, anyhow I appreciate ur response bud

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