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Terry @ BMS 09-14-2021 12:28 PM

JB4 for Cadillac CT4 CT4-V CT5 CT5-V
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Hey guys,

Working on JB4 development for the various turbocharged Cadillac models including the CT4, CT4-V, CT5, and CT5-V. :drinking:

To that end was able to get a CT5-V in the office over the weekend for some initial dyno testing and tuning. Best run factory was 300whp and 392wtq. The power seemed a bit low as I've heard they claim 360 crank hp factory, but I haven't seen many other dynos on them so not really sure there.

With the JB4 we were able to crank power up to 354whp and 445wtq, adding around 5psi. We had a little programming snafu adding boost around 4000rpm which we'll address before release but other than that everything seems to be in order. Overall a solid little platform! As development continues we'll get some of the other models in for further dyno testing and tuning. :burnrubber:

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Forcefull_Induction 09-30-2021 02:28 PM

I'll be ordering a 2022 CT5-V in the same color. I saw the dynojet results on your YouTube page. Impressive. Payam suggested that I pose questions here: The discontinued CT6 with the same 3.0TT was rated at 404 hp @ 5700 and 400 lb-ft @ 2500-5100. Any explanation for the drop in hp from 400 (CT6) to 360 in the CT5-V?

It seems that the data from your Dynojet shows stock torque (at the wheels) to be much higher than expected. Boost, fueling or exhaust configuration? What is the stock boost on the 2021 CT5-V? I also noted that your modified JB4 version lacked any gains between 3700- 4200rpm. Why?
Looking forward to seeing your completed JB4 for the CT5-V.

Terry @ BMS 09-30-2021 03:07 PM

In terms of the power numbers I don't have any addl info other than what the car we had here ran on the dyno stock. Beyond that don't know. Boost was around 15psi stock. There is a tuning bug in the BETA firmware between 3.4-4k that gives stock like boost but we're working on resolving that.

KLR STINGER 11-15-2021 08:52 AM

Any plans to try this on the CT4 V Blackwing?

Terry @ BMS 11-15-2021 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by KLR STINGER (Post )
Any plans to try this on the CT4 V Blackwing?

Yes it will be a supported model. :burnrubber:

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