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luchocamp 10-07-2020 02:55 AM

JB4 + BOOTMOD from 131 to 138 miles in 7 days
September 30th, Johnny m5_blackmonster contacted us and we started working with his installed parts.
F90 M5 Full Weight DP & Intakes Proyect Gamma and BM3 ots flash.

After reviewing and making various adjustments to the newly installed JB4, we dial in everything to eliminate throttle clousures and adjustment to fuel mixture, we continue to use his BM3 and JB4 above.
No WMI, No super expensive gasoline ... E85 and 93 octane mix for daily use, went from its best record of 10.53@131.6mph to 10.39@138.1mph
We know that with that speed we can do 10.0 to 1/4 so we continue with the advice.
Vamos con todo !
starting here :

last night :

luchocamp 10-17-2020 02:33 AM


luchocamp 10-17-2020 02:34 AM


luchocamp 10-18-2020 04:39 PM

Keep improving using low budget fuel E30

luchocamp 10-19-2020 06:37 AM

some better road test, difficult to achieve good 60ft low ambient temp and more hp....almost 110mph using same E30 fuel


luchocamp 03-09-2021 10:18 AM

some updates, now with better E85 using same BM3 OTS 30 + JB4 custom map 6.
60 to 130mph 6.02
10.13@139mph with 1.65 on 60ft
Car full weight, all weather tires.
Probably could achieve a constant 9sec with better 60f in summer time.



luchocamp 03-10-2021 07:03 AM


luchocamp 03-11-2021 03:45 AM


YanoNardoM5 03-26-2021 09:29 PM

Wow awesome. I need this for my F90!

KLR STINGER 04-16-2021 07:29 AM

Great Work. Can you share the map 6 settings?

luchocamp 04-16-2021 10:05 AM

I could, but unfortunately I do not recommend transferring the settings from one car to another without having a clear idea of ​​other modifications and how to improve performance. It's not a good idea.

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