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kepiluna2 09-25-2020 07:04 AM

N20 Engine Fear
So yesterday I ALMOST bought a new car to replace my 2013 528i with 150,000 miles on it. This year alone, I've already replaced the turbo, 4 tires, battery, and a bunch of smaller stuff. I wanted out before anything worse happens. I picked out a car, I got pre-approved with my bank, then changed my mind.

I decided to do the responsible thing and pay off some lingering debt first and get a car in a few months.

Then, today, the knocking starts. It gets worse. By the time I get home, it's whining, knocking, rough idle, sounds just like the timing chain videos from youtube. Best case, new chain/tensioner. Worst case, new engine.usps tracking showbox speed test

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