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swmann12 08-28-2020 08:55 PM

Issue With OBDII Connection FK8
I just received the JB4 and wireless adapter today and installed it exactly as the guide instructed.

It will not read any gauges or codes on the app, but it is connected. While the ODBII connection is on the car, I get all kinds of error codes until I remove it. After I remove it things go back to normal.

Am I missing something? I'm pretty positive its still allowing me to change maps, unless its just placebo ha. Just having the issue of no gauges, random codes, etc from the connection....

Also to note, the black wire that looks like a ground wire on the connector from the box that plugs into the OBDII wire did not have any instructions in the guide, so I left it to the side. I noticed some other JB4 models have it spliced into another wire, but my kit didn't have anything for that nor did the guide say to do it.

Terry @ BMS 08-31-2020 09:41 AM

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Maybe OBDII cable is wrong? If not might be defective. Photo of how it's installed?

Fuel control wire on typeR is not currently used, for future use.

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