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Type_R_2018 06-26-2019 03:43 PM

Type R Map 2
Has anyone with a 2017+ Type R noticed that after a couple months of running Map 2 that the stock exhaust has gotten louder? Idk if my mind is just playing tricks on me but I swear its louder and I love it!! :burnrubber: :)

Just curious if anyone else has noticed that.

ALSO, it would be sick if the a tune/map came out for the JB4 to make some crackles and pops and maybe the stock exhaust a little louder ? I feel like thats one thing thats missing from a stock type r, its to quiet and from what I've read, allot of after market exhausts cause drone and thats defiantly not ideal for a daily driver.

Terry @ BMS 06-27-2019 09:03 AM

For the exhaust burbles you need to adjust injection timing, not something we can do with a diagnostically invisible tune like the JB4.

Alextyper 06-27-2019 12:05 PM

Your not going crazy that is true I have a 2018 and on map one I felt the difference

Alextyper 06-27-2019 12:07 PM

Am currently on map 3with 30% 85 and the rest 93 octane

Alextyper 07-02-2019 07:33 AM

Terry how much horse power can the jb4 make on the type r with map 1 2 3 there are no guide to this

EnjoyDriving 09-18-2019 08:57 PM


Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS (Post )

Hi, Terry. I can't believe I am following your JB4 from my E92 world over to FK8 world :happy

I love the JB4 Mobile App - so much convenient.

So, i have a stock FK8 running Shell 93 gas, so the best map would be MAP 2 for me, correct? Plus, is there a way to tell the current firmware on my JB4? I can't find any "version info" in the app, maybe I need to look elsewhere?

for data logging, it doesn't log my gear as it is 0 throughout all my logs, why??


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