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Bushido1991 06-14-2019 11:58 PM

Jb4 N54 problems
hello acquired a jb4 n54, the fact is that at the end of the installation and turn on the vehicle I check engine and the car trembles and goes off ??

I saw that some diodes were missing, but seeing when installing Iso G5 those diodes are eliminated

I hope someone can answer me

Haynpunch 06-15-2019 07:13 AM

you posted in the wrong section.
Support Log Review

If you bought it used you may need to update firmware and set all settings back to default.
E Series N54 JB4 POST#3

Bushido1991 06-15-2019 11:44 AM

Okay, the problem that I can not connect to JB4 makes me Jb4 Failed when it comes to connect, I do not know if it's because I have windows 10

hen I would download the latest firmware that I need not?

the G5 G5_ISO_32_12_T10.hex

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