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Zajban 09-13-2021 07:51 AM

n54 335i oil-temp sensor/dashboard.
Hello everyone! Im driving a e91 335i - 2008.
Im new to the forum and I am from Sweden, dont hate on my English skills :).

I have a problem with my dashboard, it wont show temperature of the oil.

So either the engine for the oil-temp needle have given up on me.
Or could it be the oil-temp sensor?
When Im doing the cluster test everything works fine except the oil-temp, its totaly dead.

The car reads the oil-level just fine.

Where is this oil-temp sensor located?
If someone could post a picture or something else to find it I would appreciate it alot.
Have been searching different forums for awsners but Im getting confused.

Some say the oil-LEVEL sensor also reads the Temperature.
That one is located at the oil pan.

Some say that the water coolant sensor also reads the oil temperature.

Have been reading oil-temp sensor is located at the oil filter housing, is that right??
I saw a video that coolant sensor is infront of the ofh, then oil-temp sensor should be the one next to the ofh??

Can someone explain this dumb & easy for me to understand? :)
How many sensors is there?
And what sensor meassures what :) ?

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