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mazpro 01-22-2022 08:24 AM

Log review
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Hey guys, I have a clean log that I'd like to have someone look over.

Car info:
2011 335i Manual, N55 - E92
93 octane
JB4 with MHD pump backend flash
BMS intake
Charge pipe
cl down pipe
Muffler delete
Stage 2 bucketed LPFP
Brand new HPFP

I am currently running map 5, but the car is feeling healthy so I would like to start looking into using map 6 so I can get some more consistency on the car, and push the stock turbos a bit more if possible.

I have tried using an e85 mix with 93, but I never felt any difference in power, and in the logging e85 always showed between 50 and 65, I am not sure how to interpret that. Any pointers about that would be appreciated :drinking:

Cannon @ BMS 01-24-2022 12:42 PM

If you don't have a flex fuel kit those E85 numbers are false. Timing gets sporadic in some spots, and duty bias needs to be corrected. Are you currently on stock plugs?

mazpro 01-24-2022 03:20 PM

I am on NGK 97506, I believe I gapped them to around .022, it was a couple of months ago. Car came with Delphi GN10571 coil packs.

Not sure what values to enter in the duty bias, have not changed any values in the JB4.

I do not have a flex fuel kit. I have the type A harness, and I just realized that I need to purchase it separately. Thanks

Cannon @ BMS 01-24-2022 03:44 PM

Just noticed you don't have menu 4/2 selected. That needs to be selected in order for your backend flash to work properly.

mazpro 01-24-2022 04:30 PM

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Hmm how can you tell? According to the dash menu I have it in 4/2. Maybe I had it disabled on that run.

This log below is a 3, 4 and part 5 gear pull, on map 2. It has backend flash enabled, at least it should according to the dash menu.

Cannon @ BMS 01-25-2022 11:44 AM

This what I'm seeing from my side. Check your user adjustment settings, and scroll down to the bottom.
Capture — ImgBB

mazpro 01-25-2022 04:12 PM

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Interesting that you don't see that checked off. I do not see that option anywhere in the mobile app. Here are my settings. Also attaching screenshot of MHD info.

I updated the firmware on the jb4, and reflashed the MHD 98G0B pump backend flash.

Steve @ BMS/Fuel-It! 01-25-2022 04:39 PM

Map 2 is pretty well maxing out your STOCK turbo and timing is marginal. You're trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip as your WGDC is pretty well maxed out. Time for a turbo upgrade. ;) For the time being, I'd concentrate more on improving timing by running E30 or so.

mazpro 01-26-2022 10:10 AM

Excellent. I am maxing out the stock turbo with map 2, so nothing more I can get out of it until the turbo is upgraded. If I want to get anything more out of this setup I would need to get the flex fuel kit, and test running an e30 mix.

For now I need to concentrate on finding a transmission, keeps jumping out of first gear :facepalm:

Thanks for reviewing the logs guys :bow:

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