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I6+TT=FTW 04-19-2018 12:07 PM

MHD Boost by gear not working properly
Hey guys. Been working on the new tune on the RB Next Gens for awhile now with Justin @V8Bait and the car runs great. But we have been fighting boost control in 1st and 2nd gear. Currently the car makes too much power down low and the transmission isn't having it (trans limp mode shifting into 2nd). 3rd gear seems to be handling full boost just fine. I want to lower boost just enough to not hurt the tranny, but still need power in 1st and 2nd.
No problem, I'll just use the boost by gear feature in MHD. Only problem is it doesn't work correctly. Small adjustments will equate to HUGE swings in boost limits. For example setting it at 11lbs works, but 1psi change to 12 and BAM, full boost (like 21lbs right now). After multiple attempts, changes by Justin, and even Justin building the boost limits into the tune itself (instead of using the MHD feature) we are still encountering the same issue. 1 map revision had boost set too low, Justin made a small adjustment, and BAM, full boost again.

We're both kinda lost here, any input, similar issues, ANYTHING would be helpful. I want this thing ready for Bandimere and I know Justin is about done dealing with my car lol. @V8Bait, @motiv, @jakeh, @martial, @mhd

I6+TT=FTW 04-22-2018 08:46 AM


Dave @ BMS/Fuel-It! 04-22-2018 09:22 PM

May have better luck PM-ing some of the mentioned guys above.

Although most tuners are a bit reluctant to chime in on other tuners work.

JB4 has a great boost by gear feature too ;)

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