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pch240sx 10-19-2021 05:09 PM

2014 X50i with jb4 & xhp
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Hello, Iíve had my f15 x50i for about 3 weeks now. So far Iíve been able to enjoy map 1 & 2 of the jb4. Since I flashed the transmission with the xhp, Iíve encountered an issue where when Iím on it or when Iím WOT thereís a delay right before the car shifts, then it shifts with a longer delay and then the next gear kicks in. I didnít have that issue prior to the XHP flash.

I contacted XHP and they recommend removed them jb4, running the stock map, and to see if the issue persisted. When I did that, the issue was gone and the transmission definitely shifts like the flash is intended for it to do.

What XHP stated was that the jb4 is faking torque values and that is causing the weird or bad shifts.

Has anyone else had these issues? I data logged a 2nd to 3rd WOT run and uploaded the data.

Terry @ BMS 10-20-2021 10:58 AM

The data looks normal on the JB4 end, I don't see anything else we can do for you on the tuning end for the issue. The one thing you could try if BCM connectors are attached is further lowering duty bias to reduce the WGDC offset and boost.

Most likely though if the problem started by adding XHP you'll have to resolve it on the XHP end.

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