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emerson15 05-10-2019 12:52 PM

Jb4 mobile problems emailing logs.
When I try to email a log it says I need to make a mail account. I cant find where to make a mail account.


panaceabeachbum 05-16-2019 04:50 AM

on an Iphone you need to go into settings , scroll down the page, click on Mail and enter your user name password etc for the email service you use. In my case I clicked on gmail and that was it.

Usure on android

djcox003 02-13-2020 08:14 AM

I can't get an email option for logs to send recently. Has worked in the past. Went I hit email it simply doesn't do anything, no prompt, nothing.
Preview works, etc.

djcox003 03-21-2020 05:17 PM

Still haven't found a fix here. Anyone have suggestions?

Dmac @ BMS/DMD 03-22-2020 10:13 AM

Are you sure you have an email account setup on your phone? When you open the stock Mail.app, does it show an email account?

ghtyr 06-15-2021 03:32 PM

Not sure if this was answered or if it was figured out but I guess if anyone searches this in the future I'll add my fix.

When I had this issue, I had an email account set up on the phone, but for some reason, only the Calendar service was activated. I had to go into Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Selected my mail account which was Gmail > and turn on the Mail button which was deactivated.

Worked no problem after that.

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