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Terry @ BMS 05-30-2017 10:28 AM

F Chassis N55 PWG ISO Firmware and Details
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Use subject to terms and conditions posted at http://www.burgertuning.com/terms.html

THIS PART IS LEGAL FOR USE ONLY IN COMPETITION RACING VEHICLES AS DEFINED UNDER CALIFORNIA LAW, AND IS NOT LEGAL FOR USE IN ANY OTHER MOTOR VEHICLE. California law defines a "racing vehicle" as "a competition vehicle not used on public highways." (Calif. Health & Safety Code 39048) This part may only be used on competition racing vehicles operated exclusively on a closed course in conjunction with a sanctioned racing event. Competition-only motor vehicles may not be driven to a racing event on a public highway and must be transported on a trailer or other carrier. USE OF THIS PART IN ANY OTHER VEHICLE MAY SUBJECT YOU TO FINES AND PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION OF FEDERAL AND/OR STATE LAW, WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY FROM BURGER MOTORSPORTS, INC, AND CAN VOID YOUR VEHICLE'S WARRANTY. It is your responsibility to comply with all applicable federal and state laws relating to use of this part, and Burger Motorsports, Inc hereby disclaims any liability resulting from the failure to use this part in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws.

We'll use this thread for official updates, directions, and documentation for the F series PWG N55 ISO firmware. Generally 2013 335i models and other F series PWG vehicles like the 2010-2013 F10, and some M135 and M235 models.

This BETA firmware and related JB4 board modification is suggested for F series PWG vehicles running larger than stock turbos, or those running stock turbos, who like to experiment.


*** NOTE as of 11/20/18 we've started working on a new PWG integrated firmware that should provide most of the benefits of ISO in an easier to setup package. So if you have not cut your diode already hold off for now. ***

1) Diode must be cut on board to upgrade to PWG F ISO firmware. Cut diode first. See photos below for where it's located on V1 and V2 boards.
2) Settings must be adjusted when upgrading to PWG F ISO. Enter default duty bias settings below, change PID gain to 25, auto shift reduction to 60, FF to 100.
3) Duty bias will adjust itself so the JB4 can learn your vehicles wastegate as you go, expect to see the numbers change on their own as you do more runs.

Duty bias for factory/stock turbo:
Attachment 77882

Duty bias for hybrid turbo:
Attachment 77883

Firmware Notes:


1) Fixed bug causing under boosting at lower throttle in higher gears.
2) Added menu9 in dash for base dutycycle, and menu10 in dash for pedal mapping. Default on menu9 is 1800rpm but experiment with higher values to get boost response on. Default on menu10 is 0rpm but we suggest playing with higher values to improve pedal response.
3) Removed pedal mapping from 6cyltiming field on interface.
T2) Fixed bug with pedal mapping setting not saving.
T3) Fixed bug with FF not ramping up as high as ISO_10 for same settings. Default FF setting is now 100.


1) Added logic to autotune duty bias by RPM.
2) Update to prevent startup sweep coming up randomly.
3) Fixed speedo calibration for in dash menu system.
4) Added option 2/2 for boost on fuel & meth on speedo ring.
5) Adjusted some of the PID tables to try to stabilize boost. More changes probably needed here.
T6) Adjusted FF scaling by gear to reduce high gear over boost situations.
T8) Fixed possible bug with fault code reading.
T8) Put back FUD.2 to disable learning if you ever need for testing.
T8) Adjustment to duty bias learning algorithm at lower RPM.
T9) Fixed bug with boost by gear not always limiting boost target properly.
T13) Added FUD.6 setting for cars equipped with a back end flash map, set to 1 to enable. Adjusted map1 and map2 for cars equipped with a BEF.


1) Redesigned logging engine for much faster sampling of all CANbus channels. Normal speed logging is around 10hz for all CANbus channels now, and slow speed logging remains an option for cars with older software and drops sampling down to around 6hz.
2) Removed FUD.5 option. Logging is always full time active now if JB4 is enabled.


1) Updated port injection mapping, fuel enrichment values of 0 now disable port injection all together.


1) Mapped FutureUseD bit4 so that a value of 0 prevents JB4 from targeting below the factory boost target (default setting for those running a factory back end flash map), and a value of 1 allows the JB4 to target independently of the flash boost boost target (useful for back end flash maps with higher targets).

Maps & Settings:
JB4 maps are generally the same as F series integrated firmware. FutureUseD settings are as follows:


************************************************** ************************
*F Series PWG ISO:
************************************************** ************************

bit0 - Disable in dash BC button controls
bit1 - Alternative in dash BC F10 compatibility mode
bit2 - Unused
bit3 - Disable wastegate/FF adaption learning for diagnostic purposes
bit4 - Allow JB4 boost target to drop below below flash boost target
bit5 - Turn on CANbus logging full time
bit6 - Enable if equipped with a back end flash map
bit7 - Slow down CANbus sample rate - required for some vehicles with older software

FutureUseA: 0-50 offset target between DME_BT and ECU_PSI under full load. A setting of 0 runs the default value of 30. Lower values will result in ECU_PSI closer to DME_BT with more throttle movement, and higher values ECU_PSI further way from DME_BT with less throttle movement.

6 Cyl Timing: Remapped to represent gas pedal aggressiveness. A value of 0 being the least aggressive and a value of 50 the most aggressive setting.
In dash options

Exhaust Valve Mode:

Toggle between flap open, flap closed, and OEM operation, by pressing the button for 2 seconds and letting go. The left blinker will flash for valve open, right blinker for valve closed, and both blinkers for OEM operation. The valve setting is persistent and will remain in effect until you change it. If you hold the button too long you'll jump in to the in dash menu system below.

'OBDII In Dash Menu

'0 map menu, map shown on tach. Note map guide above.
'1 Not used for this model
'2 Boost gauge on fuel, boost is shown in the fuel gauge under heavy throttle with empty being 0psi boost and full being whatever you've assigned to your boost failsafe PSI on the user adjustment page. Default is 18psi. (OFF tach = 0, ON tach = 1000)
'3 LED MAX brightness mode. For those with factory LED headlights this option brightens HALO during nighttime operation. (OFF tach = 0, ON tach = 1000)
'4 Delete Fault Codes, delete = tach 1000.
'5 Dash Mode (tach = 0 SAE, tach = 1 Metric)
'6 1st gear boost limit setting. 0-5000rpm = 0-20psi.
'7 2nd gear boost limiter
'8 3rd gear boost limiter
As of V11 firmware:
'9 Base Dutycycle Setting (valid range 10-29)
'10 Gas Pedal Mapping (0 = most linear, 50 = most aggressive on gas pedal input)

To run this firmware the following modification is required to the JB4 board to remove/disconnect its boost solenoid diode:

V1 Board:

V2 Board:
Attachment 76500

Terry @ BMS 05-30-2017 10:29 AM

Note previous discussion on this subject was posted here: http://www.n54tech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46430

dror135 05-31-2017 01:39 AM

good job terry :)

If I want to select several options in FUD

How to do it?

Terry @ BMS 05-31-2017 10:43 AM

You click FutureUseD and there are yes/no prompts.

dror135 05-31-2017 11:33 AM

hi terry i was with ISO 6

on iSO 7

still ff learning ( FUD set 5 )

why ?

Sanesh21 05-31-2017 11:56 AM

Thanks for creating this thread Terry:clap:

dror135 06-01-2017 01:02 AM

thx i know thats

but on laptop There is no option "Turn on CANbus logging full time"

these the wizard of bits on the PC

bit1: disable waesgate adaption
bit2: use water temp intead of oil temp .......
bit3:disable fuel open loop learning
bit4:enable meth input algorithm ......
bit5:show bank2 fuel trims undder timing AVG
bit6:disable ff rpm gain
bit7:use alternative anti rattle wastegate positioning


F30_SixSpeed 06-01-2017 08:34 AM

This is great to see. What is the main benefit of using this firmware... better boost control for PWG turbo cars? Terry - do you think there is a benefit using this with maxed out stock turbo setup?

jaaf 06-01-2017 09:26 AM

So I've been having boost issues within the past few weeks. I was gradually losing boost which caused "boost level below expected" codes. So I went ahead and did this mod and downloaded the firmware to see if anything would change.. Now I have less than 3psi throughout the RPM range lol. Once I take the jb4 off, the car drives fine again. At first I thought I was losing boost from a mechanical leak such as the chargepipe or diverted valve. But now I'm leaning more towards the jb4. Possibly my settings within the Bluetooth app?someone help, I'd love to have full power before bimmerfest this weekend lol. My pwg f30 is fbo btw.

AZ-MCRacer 06-01-2017 09:39 AM

Feature Request - As discussed in email with you and Steve, the ability to read "E" Content from physical sensor as DutyCycle on this firmware for those running PI and "E" Sensor.

Terry @ BMS 06-01-2017 10:04 AM

Yes, I'll start adding the logic to this firmware.

For those with boost problems send in logs so we can work on it. At some point I'd like to retire the F series PWG integrated firmware. :)

jaaf 06-01-2017 11:08 AM

Sorry for the ignorance but I've never sent logs.. I'm guessing WOT 3rd and 4th, gear map 4?

MrDave 06-01-2017 11:15 AM

Im having issues with my recent jb4 install (by performance centre sunderland) i will get a log tomorrow and send it over im really hoping you can shed some light.

this is the graph from map6, as you can see its not great.


jaaf 06-01-2017 01:17 PM

ok so I just downloaded the newest ISO 7 (T3) and the car finally builds some boost again but it's still nowhere near what it was pushing before. Who/where do I send logs to?


Terry @ BMS 06-01-2017 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by MrDave (Post )
Im having issues with my recent jb4 install (by performance centre sunderland) i will get a log tomorrow and send it over im really hoping you can shed some light.

this is the graph from map6, as you can see its not great.

Unless you loaded the BETA F series ISO firmware it has nothing to do with this thread. :) Post the JB4 logs and info in the support forum for tuning help.

Terry @ BMS 06-01-2017 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by jaaf (Post )
ok so I just downloaded the newest ISO 7 (T3) and the car finally builds some boost again but it's still nowhere near what it was pushing before. Who/where do I send logs to?


This thread is fine for now just to keep the F series ISO logs in one place. Later, we'll go back to normal support forum only log rules.

jaaf 06-01-2017 02:07 PM

Here's my first log.. let me know if I did anything wrong.

Terry @ BMS 06-01-2017 02:51 PM

I wonder if you have a boost leak going on? In any event change FF to 120 to speed up adaption and do another similar log.

jaaf 06-01-2017 03:04 PM

Will do. I checked and double checked the intercooler connections and chargepipe . Ddnt find anything loose.

jaaf 06-01-2017 03:32 PM

Ok here is it with 120 FF:

dror135 06-02-2017 12:48 AM

hi terry

i upgrade iso 7_t3

share some log its map 3 add 15

i have issue on shift gear need to tune

btw i config the bits on lap top ( bit3, bit5 )

alo0oy215 06-02-2017 01:35 AM

What will be the benefits of doing this?

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