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johnathanmpt 05-27-2021 12:34 PM

New here, N63tu w/jb4
I'm looking for some info to shed light on a few things below. I installed JB4 in my 2016 f10 550i yesterday.

1. I'm getting a check engine light that will not go away. Using the JB4 mobile app it's for the MAF sensors not being connected. I tried clearing it when the car is off and ignition only. But the icon remains on my dash.

2. I removed the mufflers and have glasspacks( sounds amazing) but kept the resonator installed. Can I run map2 for more power?

3. Does anyone have info for all 8 maps that show psi/hp/tq gains? Without having to get it dynoed I'd like to know roughly where I'm at for map1 and map2.

4. I will be removing the stock down p1pes here in a few weeks and which map will allow for this change? Is there an option I have to check on the mobile app?

5. My app isn't collecting/saving logs. I can connect and see guages in real time. When I press start logging and then press stop, it shows its saving but shows zero logs on the log screen.

6. What do you recommend for less wheel spin on take off besides not smashing the pedal down lol. Out of around 8-10 take offs I had 1 good one using launch control. Any recommendations to help be more consistent on achieving better take offs?

Any help is greatly appreciated guys. Thank you all

Primefactor23 05-30-2021 01:22 PM

I have the same exact car you have to unplug the maf first I believe but make sure you unplug the battery first just to be safe and oh yeah you can run maps 1-3 for what you have installed I myself have the jb4 and down ***** get ready to smell exhaust tho it’s kinda strong running without cats the rest you’ll have to hit up support mines runs just fine

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