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Qwisler135 09-29-2021 10:46 AM

So I recently bought and put on my jb4 and the car ran great with no engine lights. When I put my vrsf down pipe I got the codes p1381, p0418. I don't know what I could of done to the car, when putting the down pipe on. That would make the car throw those codes. Does anyone have a solution for that. My one buddy said I might need to get a mhd tuner to plug in and flash my ecu.

Qwisler135 09-29-2021 10:51 AM

Also I have no issues driving when the lights come on. The car still drives normal like it should

Terry @ BMS 09-29-2021 12:14 PM

Neither are emissions faults so likely an issue with a sensor or something from your install.

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