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kristinabui8 09-23-2021 07:51 PM

428i/N26 Long Term Reliability?
Hello everyone! I have been looking at a 2016 428i xDrive that looks awesome (pretty much every option except M-Sport, HUD, and the big center console screen). I currently have a 2013 320i RWD, and had an E46 325Ci before that. It would be much appreciated if anyone with expertise/knowledge of the below would help me with some questions.

My questions -

What are your thoughts on general reliability of the n26? (post timing chain fix)

Anything big to watch out for repairs-wise? (building this into my cost estimates, but most websites/videos out there say there isnt much, but again this is a bmw - hahaha)

As noted above, the car does not have the M-Sport package, as the used values including this are around $6k-$10k more in my area, and this doesnt seem worth the cost. Is it really that nice of a value add?
appvalley tutuapp tweakbox

If you own the car or know it well, anything you'd recommend in general in my shoes?

I havent test driven yet - this will likely be on Monday or Tuesday. Thanks in advance!

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