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Cnterline 02-10-2021 06:29 PM

Safety for meth ?
Is there a built in safety in the JB4 for GTC , M178 platform , for meth ?
Thought I saw one , new to this

Terry @ BMS 02-11-2021 09:38 AM

Yes, based on meth flow produced by the FSB controller or a turbine flow sensor if equipped.

Cnterline 02-12-2021 06:02 AM

Ok , being brand new to this I program on and off in the parameters page and if there is a flow problem it cuts boost ?

Terry @ BMS 02-13-2021 10:24 PM

Boost target is only raised as a function of meth flow to avoid tip in knock common on non-integrated systems, and yes if meth flow drops then boost drops proportionally.

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