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MK7P 07-09-2020 03:40 PM

opinion on stacking
so atm I'm is20 uni stage 2, FBO, Gutted (even plastic in the rear), stack JB4 with an E30 mix, no DSG tune is it even worth it? currently on a low boost file since I don't have the DSG tuned and the clutch slips a little ever since I got my Forged FM, 23-24psi/21-22psi at redline ofc it's different depending on weather and stuff. Does anybody have dyno numbers I want to see what some people have put down. I also have some questions whats the highest mix you can do? I heard it's up to e40 but I don't know also I heard with the jb4 you don't need an LPFP or HPFP. I plan on going on a different turbo so if anyone has dyno numbers with a TPC20, IS38, is38 hybrid anything.

George @ BMS 07-09-2020 06:03 PM

If you search the mk7forum there are a few dynos around 320-330whp on Uni JB4 stack. Generally I wouldnt go more on IS20 as the peak power just goes higher but at earlier rpm that you dont really use once you shifting through the gears.

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