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rashimkavel7 07-31-2020 08:47 AM

Just installed JB4, some questions!
So I installed the JB4 into my 2015 GTI this morning. All went well.

I opted for the data cable right now cause the $140 price tag on the Blu Tooth adapter was a little out of what I had at the moment.

So, a few questions..

The data cable, I dont see an adapter on the outside of the JB4 box to attach it too. I'm guessing it's an internal connection? If so is their any good guides/videos to show the process? I cant seem to find any.

Next, just having it plugged in currently without running the app, is it doing anything? Do I have to use the adapter to plug into my laptop to turn on the tuning functions?

Lastly, running a my automatic DSG base model GTI on 93 octane, have a CTS turbo high flow pipe and inlet as well as just dropping a K&N filter in and removing snow guard... Any suggested Maps to run once I figure out how to change up maps? Seems a lot of talk is for manual users and want to make sure the map changes fit my set-up. routerlogin 192.168.l.l

Thanks guys!

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