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WHY.A.H.WHY.A 05-06-2020 10:22 PM


I just installed JB4 with BT Kit but I'm not able to connect to the BT, it goes through the process of connecting and then disconnects after going through awaiting handshake (5)

Device: OnePlus 6
OS: Android 10
Engine type: EA888 Gen3
App build: A314

here is a video
Jb4 - Streamable

a_turbo_fan 05-14-2020 06:08 AM

Please remove popups from the app
I'm sure this has been requested before, but can the popups that are displayed in the app be removed, or at least dismissed? Especially the "Rotate to Landscape" popup on the logs screen. If I'm in the car and that pops up, pretty much the only thing to do is unmount the phone, rotate it, close the log, back to portrait, re-mount to car. It's a royal pain in the ass. Ideally, lets just have a "Don't show this in the future" checkbox.

There's another popup that you never see when auto logging completes, it flashes on the phone and disappears, it's a little distracting, and doesn't affect the user experience, so ideally shouldn't display at all.

Great app over all, would be nice to have the OS share option for logs so I can just AirDrop my logs to my machine or send to another app for visualization.

Not sure if the Android app is similarly affected

Syeghyayan 05-17-2020 04:01 PM

Error codes on every start of vehicle
Hi guys Hope all is well still very new to the forum and Jay before platform unfortunately my first install was a couple months ago got to use it for one day until the second day install BMS intake but unfortunate my darn car engine must have been Factory defect because immediately after install ofFrom the muffler exhaust nonetheless I towed it to an infinity dealer it was diagnosed and I was told My “ring” blew into motor idk turbo ring/seal anyways all that behind car is a lease thank God for manufacture warranty and the flawless design of Jay before thanks to Jerry and the boys at burger tuning shout out to all of you and would like to show my appreciation and loyalty and gratitude For making all of this possible to all of us Infiniti owners sorry for the long intro but regardless long story short waited three weeks was approved by Infiniti headquarters and they replace almost everything except my *** and I was told they did not replace the catalytic converter because there was no error codes thrown for that So I got it all turbos. Engine long block bla bla bla .... $16k later but $0 @ my expense I just got vehicle back researched and read this entire thread all over again 1000’s of you tube videos later I re-installed jb4 into my stock 2019 Q50 3.0t and I took @terry advice in his reply to one my comment/post about using only map1&2 only for the time being ... so my question to begin with is it normal to always get error codes sometime the same codes and sometime they will be diff codes with a range of all lights coming on but either way I always get the light turned off by read/delete of error codes through the infamous jb4 app but is that normal to always get lights on for every engine start and a variety of error codes on every start of my vehicle please any and all reply will be much appreciated been 7days after re-install and no white smoke no problems I definitely notice quicker response to throttle of my car but I want to be sure I always am keeping eye on gauges and oil -heat temp as well as afr and iat but I would like to address this matter and respond to it quickly and professionally as possible again I’m still very much a newbie/noob to this all So I don’t want me to cause a “defect/default/damage” to my new motor after replacing my last engine at only 4500 miles but I admit was using/ experimenting only a few hours. With all maps on app but either way that’s in my past and I just want to prevent it from happening again to my new engine because I would hate to wait 4 weeks for another replacement motor “free of charge” or not that isn’t my point/intention what I would like to achieve is use of jb4 and opportunity to increase my knowledge to my vehicle and it’s mod(s) currently stock just a jb4 sold my bms intakes but planning for alpha HE very soon as well as his BOV but please any reply will be appreciated an much help since I am still @ beginning of modifying my lease vehicle but I don’t want to jeopardize anything anymore ...
p.s. - I know what any and everybody first reply to my post will be is due I have any logs well the truth is about six logs but that was only two actually experience the process I’ve logged in. As well as the actual experience of logging but I will post my most recent logs ASAP that I do promise I just have not had an actual change in two months of Installation to actually drive long distances with enough time to log a few pulls but I will within 12-24hrs from this post especially since all previous logs are not accurate because they were not start of 3rd or 4th gear @start of logging but I now know to get most accurate #’s of result to start @ 4th gear and pedal to the floor until I can’t anymore ... therefore I will not post my previous rubbish logs as that was just personal practice time to get use of the app while driving but hope everybody on this forum as well as every single jb4 owner/user/creator can and will read this post as it is very important to get the most worthy reply/opinion/advice/ expertise as again my goal is only to gain knowledge and enjoy what we all work hard for as part of our daily grind thanks check back very soon people thanks for taking time to read my post!!!! “Spool Safely & Burn Rubber” So then I can sell you guys a set of tires because I’m a tire shop owner too!!!! Loll thanks peace god bless 🙏🏻 💨

k1kote 05-29-2020 05:53 AM

What is the point of an application support thread when they do not give it importance, the application is the image of their product, every client that has jb4 uses the application, why they do not give more importance to its development, we need a better application! In this thread you have a number of recommendations to improve it, put people in charge solely of developing this

Dmac @ BMS/DMD 05-29-2020 06:16 AM

Going to close/lock this thread as we handle EVERYTHING over email since it's way cleaner to resolve a support request.

If you need support, refer to our troubleshooting page (here) or contact our support department (support@jb4connectkit.com).

k1kote 05-29-2020 06:29 AM

I don't understand, they closed the suggestion thread and said to use this, now they close this ...

Dmac @ BMS/DMD 05-29-2020 06:37 AM


Originally Posted by k1kote (Post )
I don't understand, they closed the suggestion thread and said to use this, now they close this ...

It's not closed though... Please use the correct threads.

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