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Starting with the engine cover removed. Hope this helps...

NOTE: PCV & Check valve are 2 different parts!

You need to unscrew the cover & remove it to get at the old PCV valve. On my car the check valve and fuel line were in the way & once the cover was unscrewed off I couldn't wiggle the cover around them to get it out.
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Biggest PITA is releasing all 4 tabs to get the Check valve out of the way. Used a long feeler gauge & 2 picks.
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Used a 1/2" wrench - it fits tighter on the hex than a 13mm.
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Cover removed, Nipple of old valve must be pulled out.
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I grabbed it w/ plyers & pryed it out of the hole.
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Here's what the OEM looks like. The threads on the left side do not screw into anything. That's why it can be pulled out w/ plyers. (WTF must be a BMW leftover part) The o-ring is NOT used w/ PCV2.
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Sorry for the bad pic, but here's Rob's PCV2 in the cover. Just screw it in & reassemble what you removed!
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